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5 Tips for Helping Your Dog Adapt to a New Pet 

People react in different ways to all kinds of changes, like getting a new sibling or falling in love for the first time. And so do pets! 

You might be a fur parent and be worried about your new puppy, who’s still not yet adjusted to its new home. You also deal with your other dog, who’s very territorial and jealous. 

Well, who wouldn’t be? Introducing new pets in your household is a big deal, especially if you already have a dog. Here are five tips for helping your dog adapt to a new pet: 

1. Introduce Them On a Neutral Ground 

Introducing animals to one another can go well or go wrong. To be successful, you must introduce your dog and the new pet on neutral ground. 

Avoid putting your new pet in your dog’s favorite spot in the house since you’ll annoy it, and it won’t tolerate having a new pet around. You can introduce them on your porch or in the living space of your house. Anywhere but the location that your dog loves. 

2. Feed Them Separately 

Food is a big deal for pets, especially for your dog. If you want your dog to adjust to your new pet, feed them in separate bowls at different times and locations.  

Nobody likes being bothered during their meals. And your dog feels the same way. You don’t want your dog to feel distracted while feeding because it will only irritate your new pet. 

3. Separate Their Sleeping Areas 

Adopting a pet means your dog will need to adjust to its surroundings. You don’t want your dog to get angry and irritated with your new pet, whether it’s another puppy or a cat.   

Aside from separating their feeding schedules and food bowls, making them sleep in different rooms or parts of the home is also good. Your dog needs personal space, and your new pet needs to adjust to its new home too. 

4. Help Them Bond Together With Activities 

Getting your dog and your new pet to do activities together will form a bond. You can take them for a walk or play with them. It’s nice to also do activities that your dog enjoys so that it won’t be so hard for them to adjust to each other.  

5. Supervise Your Dog With The New Pet 

New pets mean new attitudes and habits. Also, you know your dog very well. You’ll know early on if your dog is the jealous type or if it’s territorial. You don’t want to leave them alone, or you might find them fighting or harming each other. One example is the Chihuahuas.  

There are pros and cons of Chihuahuas when you adopt a new pet. Chihuahuas tend to be very territorial, making it hard to bring in a new pet. For a couple of weeks after your new pet comes home, it’s best to supervise and check on them every time. 

New Pet, New Way! 

Having a new pet means you’ll have more responsibility than before. When introducing a new pet to your dog, there is much to consider, but don’t worry. 

As long as you are patient with both of your two dogs, you’ll do well.  You can do it, so don’t forget to enjoy your furry babies! For more information on pet ownership, education on breeds, and more, browse the rest of our blog. 

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