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Cook Artisan Style Pizzas At Home With The Newair 12″ Portable Electric Indoor/Outdoor Pizza Oven ~ Model: NPOE12BK00!

If you visit Deliciously Savvy on a regular basis, you know that I am a foodie through and through.  I absolutely love cooking, baking and creating delicious dishes for my family and I also love trying new culinary tools to help me create those delicious dishes. One thing that I have been wanting for the longest time…. is a pizza oven so that I can create artisanal style pizzas in the comfort of my own home and that’s why I jumped at the chance to work with Newair to give their new 12″ Portable Indoor/Outdoor Electric Pizza Oven with Accessory Kit a try! I have to admit that I am blown away by the performance of this oven and I absolutely love that it can be used both indoors and outdoors due to the ingenious electric design. This means that during the cold winter months I can use the pizza oven indoors and then come Spring, Summer and Fall I can take the unit outdoors into my outdoor kitchen area to use all season long outside! Let’s take a look at the Newair 12″ Portable Electric Pizza Oven and why I am loving it but first let me tell you a bit about the Newair and why I love them!

What I love about Newair is that they create products that make life more enjoyable for where you live, where you work and where you play. In fact Newair was started by Luke Peters in a small garage over 20 years ago. In the beginning they primarily sold portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers but today their products range to product categories that have almost something for nearly every part of the home. Their new site now offers a wide range of compact appliances, from heating and cooling, to wine and beverage coolers and so much more. They since have moved out of that garage and into a large warehouse and distribution center so that they can offer their customers same day, free green shipping and in-house warranty and repairs. Today they are one of the most trusted names in compact appliances and I am super excited to be a part of the family! Now let’s take a look at the Newair 12″ Portable Electric Pizza Oven and why you need one…..

Newair 12” Portable Electric Indoor and Outdoor Pizza Oven with Accessory Kit

With the Newair 12″ Portable Electric Indoor/Outdoor Pizza Oven you can let your inner pizza-maestro shine through and begin crafting artisanal-style pizzas both indoors and outdoors with ease. I am working on my own homemade pizza dough recipe as I plan on using this unit every week and good pizza dough is essential to a delicious pizza.

I love the one-touch temperature control and the 1850W dual-heating elements that this pizza oven comes with from Newair. This powerhouse of an oven delivers a perfectly baked pizza crust that has a soft, pillowy interior all while boasting your toppings that are cooked to perfection. The pizza stone ensures that the pizza bakes to perfection all while being extra crispy and delicious.

I love the user-friendly temperature control dial that allows you to focus on creating your pizzas while the oven is preheating… simply turn the dial to your desired temperature (the directions say to turn it to the max but I did it a little under that) and then put the door baffle onto the pizza oven and allow to preheat for 15 minutes to get started. Once the preheat is complete, remove the door baffle and put the pizza into the oven with the included pizza peel.

This 12″ Newair Electric Pizza Oven is the real deal too….. as it’s designed to be comparable to professional brick ovens. This 12″ Electric Pizza Oven from Newair has the capacity to reach a scorching 900°F which makes it a game changer for your pizza making needs. The intense heat that this pizza oven provides will bake your pizza within a matter of minutes and will leave that delicious smoky essence that is reminiscent of authentic wood-fired pizzerias right in the comfort of your home or patio!

The design of this 12″ Electric Pizza Oven from Newair is amazing too as this pizza oven is designed to go with you anywhere. The foldable legs and IPX4 water resistance rating make it ready to take on any outdoor culinary adventure you throw its way and the foldable legs make it easy to transport, set up and use virtually anywhere. Think tailgating parties, camping, picnics at the park, for use in your kitchen and anywhere outdoors!

I also have to stress that I love that Newair included all of the essential pizza-making accessories that you will need with your pizza oven at no cost to you. You get a 12″ ceramic pizza stone, a Door Baffle (used to retain heat during preheating), a Pizza Peel (effortlessly transfers your uncooked pizza onto the searing hot ceramic pizza stone inside of the oven and also removed it when its ready) and even a Dustproof Camp Cover for keeping it covered perfectly so that no dust or dirt settles on it when not in use.


*Model: NPOE12BK00

*Product Type: 12inch Portable Electric Pizza Oven Outdoor Use

*Product Dimensions: 23″D x 14.15″W x 10.8″H

*Product Weight: 22 lbs.

*Product Color: Black

*Voltage: 110-120 volts

*Power Consumption: 1850W

*Certifications: ETL

*Material: Powder Coated Stainless Steel 430 in Black

*Heating Element Material: Top: 1400W/Bottom 450W

*Type: Dual

*Temperature Control Type: Manual

*Power Cord Cable Type/Length: 3G*14AWGSJOW/4.92 ft.

*Temperature Range: 200°F ~ 900°F

*Temp Control: ABS Knob for low, med, high temp control

*Pizza Stone Dimension: 300 x 300 mm, square

*Package Content: 5x pieces

*Pizza size: 12 inches

*Timer: No

To ensure a perfectly cooked pizza in this oven, simply preheat to 700 degrees or more and then create and set up your pizza. Once the pizza oven has preheated for 15 minutes, remove the door baffle and use the pizza peel to place the uncooked pizza into the pizza oven right on top of the pizza stone. At this point I just watch the pizza while it’s cooking and use the pizza peel to rotate the pizza once or twice. After about 3 or 4 minutes, the pizza will be ready and I pull it out and serve to my family. We will be doing pizza parties for sure with this super awesome Pizza Oven from Newair as it makes perfectly cooked 12 inch pizzas that the whole family will enjoy.

So what do you think of the Newair 12″ Electric Indoor/Outdoor Pizza Oven with Accessories? Are you like me and loving the idea of baking artisanal style pizzas in the comfort of your own home…. both indoors and outdoors?! This thing makes for a super fun Family Pizza Night too and you can literally set up a toppings bar and let everyone make their own delicious pizza to enjoy. I can see my family and I using this for a Super Bowl party and laying out a toppings bar of sorts so that everyone can create their own customized pizza on game day! Check out the Newair 12″ Portable Electric Pizza Oven with Accessories Today & Visit the Newair website to see all of the amazing products that they create! Check out Newair online and on social media today PLUS snag 10% Off your order below!

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  • Stephanie Grillo

    Thank you for an honest and complete review of this pizza oven. I’ve considered getting one to add to our little outdoor kitchen – but now I think it better to have a portable one to use indoors also.

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      Yes Stephanie! It is perfect for the colder months as I don’t have to go outside…… plus you cantata with you on the go!

  • Amber

    We need one of these. We have pizza so much and this would be perfect. I might get it for my husband for his birthday.

  • Rose Alexis

    Pizza is such a great dish when company is over. Everyone loves it and it’s easy to serve. This being able to be used outdoors makes it even easier to entertain.

  • Rhian Scammell

    We have a gas pizza oven, much like this and it’s incredible how great it makes the pizza. We haven’t used it too much over the wintery months but I will be busting it back out soon x

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    My friend has one of these style pizza ovens and they work so well. I love how it can be used indoors or outdoors and it is so fun to create your own artisan style pizza.

  • Tammy

    How awesome is this?! A pizza oven right at home with such ease and convenience! I would love this…we love making pizzas on weekends and with all the game day celebrations coming up, this would be fabulous to have. Pizza looks delish btw!

  • keisha1989

    Your passion for food truly shines through! The idea of having a pizza oven for artisanal-style pizzas at home sounds amazing. The Newair 12″ Portable Electric Pizza Oven seems like a game-changer, especially with its versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. Your excitement and positive experience with the oven have piqued my interest. Looking forward to learning more about your experience and the delicious creations it has allowed you to make!

  • Catalina

    As a fellow foodie, your review of the Newair pizza oven has piqued my interest! The idea of creating artisan-style pizzas at home is very appealing. It seems like a great way to experiment with different toppings and dough types.

  • jupiterhadley

    These pizzas look like ones out of a restaurant! What a wonderful device – looks so clean and sleek too.

  • Lauryn R

    This would be extremely cool to have! I make homemade pizzas all of the time. I bet they would taste even better when baked in this pizza oven!