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Clean or Replace? What to Do When Your Pet Has an Accident

Coming home after a hard day at work to find that your pet has had an accident on your best Persian rug or on the living room carpet is the last thing most pet owners need. While you love your pets, you don’t love the damage they leave behind on your carpets, especially when it sits all day waiting on you to walk in the door. 

If this sounds like something that’s happened to you, you know that it’s a good to have an idea of not only how to clean your soiled belongings, but whether or not you’ll want to replace them as well. 

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is what was damaged. What type of surface area are you working with? Often these are mats or carpets. Luxury rugs, which can be found at sites like, are one of those decor items that you don’t want to see spills or stains on. 

Of course, depending on the material that has gotten soiled. For example, Chesserfeld offers a wide range of faux fur rugs, faux sheepskin rugs, and faux cowhide. You’ll want to tackle the issue in all of your living spaces differently. After all, the material and texture you are cleaning will alter how you’ll approach whether to clean or replace. 

The first step you’ll want to do is dry the spot. This can be done with a simple paper towel. If the accident occurred in a dark place with a water source, you might want to seek heating to help with the drying process. Moving the rug to an area where it can get constant exposure to the sun will help to expedite the drying process. It will also give you some time to check your rug for cleaning directions. 

Many of the rugs from Chesserfeld are cruelty-free and machine washable. This goes a long way in deciding whether to clean or replace the rug. It’s much easier to throw a Chesserfeld faux fur sheepskin rug in the washer and have it back in your living room in a few hours than it is to pick out a whole new carpet. Most household sites recommend using a vinegar or baking soda-based scrub for your initial clean of the rug. Being able to then run the soiled material through the washing machine greatly increases the chances of saving your purchase. 

Exotic animals, particularly ones that are kept in enclosures, are the last creatures you want to have an accident in your home. Whether it’s an issue with the bottom of the enclosure, mold, or an issue with the feeder, the mess involved with cages can be a nightmare. Even worse would be if one of their feeder animals escaped and defecated throughout your residence. 

Though this can be mitigated by using quality feed insects for your reptile buddies. Using cockroaches and crickets might seem like the ideal choice for a feeder insect, but they can create a disgusting mess if they somehow get loose. You can sometimes prevent these types of accidents before they happen with a quality feeder bug like the dubia roach. Not as active as the cockroach or cricket, the dubia roaches are ideal as a feeder bug. Additionally, there isn’t much that goes into dubia roaches care, which helps solidify them as the proper feeder to use for your exotic reptiles or arachnids, like lizards or tarantulas. Stop the problem before it begins. 

So, the best way to decide whether or not you should clean or replace the rugs in your living spaces when your pet has an accident is to follow these steps: 

*Remove any mess and dry the area. 

*Determine what caused it. 

*Check the cleaning instructions for the material. 

*Use a vinegar or baking soda-based solution on the spot. 

*Put in the washing machine if appropriate. 

*Determine if any stain or smell lingers after cleaning

Though you can’t always prevent stains, having quality rugs from Chesserfeld and the proper feed insects like dubia roaches, will go a long way into making your decision a lot easier.

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