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Choosing the Perfect Holiday for the Adventurous Family

Some families aren’t content with laying by the pool on their vacation. They want to experience the sights and food of the local culture and do all of the local activities. These types of holidays can be fun but also exhausting, so you want to plan them in the right way. When it comes to choosing your next adventure travel holiday, it can be tricky, especially getting everyone to agree on a destination. So here are some ideas to help you decide.

Wild Animal Education

There are many amazing things to see on an African safari, not just the animals, but also the local culture and the conservation work. It is this last part that you can become more involved with on certain trips. There are packages that offer you the chance to get closer to the amazing animals than ever before. These family-orientated activities include animal tracking, bush skills and hands-on visits to the cheetah and elephant conservation centers. You can also try your hand a snorkeling, kayaking and mountain biking. We’ve been kayaking before and the kids loved it. I’ve even been on websites like to learn about the different equipment we’ll need if we decide to buy some kayaks to use at the weekends. It’s only an idea at the minute though!

Camping in the Wild West

Though the Wild West is a little tamer than it used to be, there is still plenty of fun to be had. You can take tours of this impressive location that involves putting on your hiking boots and hitting the trail. However, there are also other activities including water sports, horse riding and some Navajo hospitality in a mud hut. You will also be camping under the stars in true Wild West tradition around a large campfire and sharing stories. Just make sure to look for tents 4 person or bigger sized for the whole family!

Mountain Walks

Some areas of the world offer beautiful mountain backdrops that can take your breath away. One such place is at Whistler in Canada; there are some taxing yet exhilarating trails that you can walk or cycle. You can even stay in one of the luxurious Lost Lake Lodge Whistler if you don’t fancy camping in the wilderness. The good thing about staying in these types of accommodation is that they often also offer activities.

The Land of Fire and Ice

If you want to see something spectacular, then head to Iceland in the winter months. It is the best time to see such wonders as there are thermal hot springs, boiling mud pools and geysers. Their contrast with the frozen landscape makes for a strange yet captivating experience. You can also take trips to see waterfalls, glaciers and also go hiking, though it will be a little bracing in the biting wind. The other beautiful spectacle that Iceland is famous for is the Northern Lights. They are truly the natural world’s fireworks and are surely on most people’s bucket list. As well as these natural events, you can also do horse riding, swimming, and looking for killer whales.

These are a few of the many amazing adventure vacations that you and your family can take. So regardless of whether you choose to click here for pop up camper trailers as you and your family are considering going on a camping trip this summer, or you’d prefer to stay in a lodge in Switzerland for example, hopefully, you’ll have a holiday to remember no matter where you are.

You can mix and match your adventures with camping or staying in nice accommodation. As well as the well-known adventures, you can also choose some that are off the beaten track such as cycling in Vietnam or water sports in Morocco.


  • Lauryn R

    These are fantastic places to travel to, we are definitely an adventurous family! I have always wanted to visit Iceland, what a gorgeous place!

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