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Choose the Best Rugs for your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place wherein and out of the family members takes place because it is the place everybody finds food to eat when they are hungry. It is the place from which delicious smells of food come out when there is something cooking, and when you are hungry, your foot will step there to see which thing is cooking. 

The kitchen is a high traffic area. That’s why Kitchen Rugs are essential to present in that space for the safety of the person and the floor of the kitchen. If you have taken the buying decision for rugs, there are plenty of points you require to consider while choosing the rugs for your kitchen.

The appearance of the Rug

The design and style must be according to the decoration of the kitchen. If your kitchen décor is according to the culture, select the artistic design, and if your kitchen décor is modern, select the modern style rug for your kitchen.

The appearance of the rug matters. If the color combination and design of the rug will not perfectly match the kitchen, the kitchen’s beauty will decline. Enhance the beauty and purchase the rug by imagining your kitchen’s view and putting the rug chosen rug before purchasing. When you imagine before the final selection of the rug, so you will choose the perfect rug. 

The rug’s color must be dark for the kitchen because it is the high traffic place of the home, and lots of footsteps are coming in and going out of the kitchen if the color is dark so the mess and stains on the rug will not be shown. Thus the look of the rug will not become bad.

Quality of the Material

In the high traffic area, the quality of the rug is essential. As you know, the perfect rug has firm edges. Through which it will not move, and there is no danger of falling on the person. When the rug is thin, it can’t sit firmly on the floor, and it starts to move when any foot stands on it. 

I prefer you to buy cotton or jute rugs for the high traffic areas of the home. Because these rugs will not move and stay firm on the floor, the rug must be thick that will not move here and there if you buy the thin jute or wool rug to move due to the thin material in it. 

Keep in mind this critical point before choosing the rug for your kitchen—the quality of the material matters for the home’s high traffic area. Thus buy the better quality rug and utilize it well.

Size is according to the Kitchen.

The size of the Area Rugs of the kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen. If your house is small, that means the kitchen is small, and if the house is big, that means the kitchen is big. Buy the large area rug compared to a few small rugs placed on several sides of the kitchen. Keep in mind the dimensions of the kitchen through which you can easily buy the rug according to the kitchen’s exact size. 

The sink is the most useful thing in the kitchen. That’s why place the rug in front of the sink. Water drops fall on the floor due to the washing of various things in the sink, such as vegetables, plates, spoons, chicken, meat, and other stuff. Thus, the sink side area becomes wet and slippery, due to which there is a chance of falling.

That’s why rugs are essential at that place for the safety of the family members. You should place the rug on the door as well. Thus the dirty foot will not appear in the kitchen when it has passed on the rug. 

The rug must not be Slippery

As you know, if the rug is slippery so the foot will not stay on the rug. Hence, it is a move, and it is a dangerous thing for the kids that are busy with their games and fun. They don’t know where they should be conscious. 

Slippery rugs are not suitable for the adult as well because they move here and there along with various kitchen things in their hands such as food bowls, plates, foodstuff, meat, grocery, and various other things. While cooking, the cook moves here and there to place and take various things. The non-slippery rugs are suitable for the kitchen.

The silk rug is not preferable for the high traffic area through which there are the chances of falling. Because these rugs are slippery and smooth. Silk rugs are preferable for the low traffic areas such as a guest room.

Easily Washable

The kitchen is the place where all family members go to eat when they are hungry. Thus the stain and dirt occur on it. Suppose the rug is not washable, so how the stains and dirt will remove from the rug. Rugs must be washed so they can be utilized fully after removing all the dirt and mess on them.

Some rugs can be washed through hands, and some rugs can be washed through machines. It depends on the rug through which method is used for the washing. Utilize these rugs as much as possible after washing again and again. As you know, after washing it will become in excellent condition.

High traffic area rugs are required to replace every year because they become rough and dull due to more utilization. Suppose you will not replace that fade and rough rugs, so it declines the beauty of your kitchen. Keep the adorable look of the kitchen by replacing it yearly. If your income is enough and you can’t buy it yearly, don’t worry because discounted offers are for you, so utilize it and make the appearance of the kitchen adorable.

RugKnots is an online shopping store through which you can purchase the rug for your kitchen. You can find a wide variety here, so visit it and find the best suitable rug for your kitchen and make the kitchen’s appearance gorgeous.


  • Sarah

    These are great tips, I wish I would have found this article sooner! I bought a kitchen area rug from a local store about a year ago, and it looks great but gets dirty incredibly fast. I’ve already had it cleaned by a rug cleaner twice. I wish I would have done more research and went with a washable rug!

  • Dale Steele Nicolov

    I bought anti fatigue mats because I wanted to have less pain when standing for long periods.I found that the wipe off silver ones from Princess Auto were good especially if you have chrome in your kitchen to match.I bought some larger ones from Costco made of a sponge like material and they are not as durable.I think the next time when I have to replace I will look for something more colourful.Thank you for the great tips!