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Check Out My Savvy Review Of The Saladzilla Salad Spinner!

I am excited to share my savvy review of the Saladzilla Salad Spinner with everyone that I know as I am absolutely loving this ingenious salad spinner. If you visit Deliciously Savvy often then you know that I am a foodie at heart and that I love cooking yummy meals for my family. You also probably know from visiting my site that this year has been all about health and wellness for me as I am working on staying physically active and also eating clean to improve me and my families overall health and wellness. That is why I jumped at the chance to work with Kahuna Gear to give their ingenious Saladzilla Salad Spinner a try I am making lots more salads and veggies than ever before that need cleaning and we all know it is important for your lettuce and veggies to be dried properly in order to maintain freshness and crispness. Let’s take a look at the many reasons that this salad spinner is unlike any other you have tried and why I am loving it but first take a look at my video of the Saladzilla in action….

Pretty cool right!? I know what you may be thinking…. will that Saladzilla Salad Spinner make a total mess of water in my kitchen and the answer is no. The design is pretty cool in that any water is captured by the blue waterproof bag attached to the bottom pf the salad spinner! It is so cool and you may find that everyone in the house will want to get the salad together for you as it’s that fun to use! Keep reading to learn more about why this is a must-have product for your kitchen and what it makes a wonderful gift!

Saladzilla Features:

Space Saving

The Saladzilla for me is everything in its design. I have a smaller home in general and space is a high commodity so finding something like this salad spinner from Kahuna Gear is everything to me. This salad spinner is designed to fold up flat and neat so that it can easily be stored into a kitchen drawer or it can even hung in your kitchen space on a hook. The Saladzilla salad spinner folds into a small pouch (5 inches by 3.5 inches) and it’s squashable. I easily fit it into my kitchen drawer and can access it anytime I need it.

High Capacity

I absolutely love that the Saladzilla Salad Spinner can hold 2 gallons worth of produce! The Saladzilla has a true 2 gallon capacity or the equivalent of 8 quarts which means I can get my salad prepped and dried in one shot! That is super savvy as it saves me time.

Saves Money

The Saladzilla comes with a lifetime warranty which means you only have to buy this salad spinner from Kahuna Gear and no other! You simply return the product for repair or replacement if you ever do find that you have an issue with it. Easy peasy.


Everyone that visits Deliciously Savvy often knows that I am all about sustainable solutions and this product does just that. Traditional salad spinners can weigh more than 2 pounds and are much larger in volume. The Saladzilla uses less fuel to transport the product from the factory to the warehouse which means less waste which for me is everything. Also, with traditional salad spinners being made out of plastic, once they are broken and tossed out, they are being added to our landfills which is not good for planet earth. That is why every little step towards sustainability, like purchasing this Saladzilla Salad Spinner, is a plus for me!

Easy to Clean

I love that the Saladzilla is a breeze to clean too. Simply hand-wash after using with a little warm water and detergent and then just air dry. Once dry I just fold it up and put back into my kitchen drawer.

Amazing Performance & Durability

The Saladzilla is made to last which is why the brand offers a fabulous lifetime warranty. I love that there are no plastic or mechanical parts to break as with traditional clunky salad spinners plus based on scale measurement….. the Saladzilla blows away the competition versus leading traditional salad spinners and as far as I am concerned totally outperformed them by a long shot.

Provides Portability & Speedy Prep Time

I love that the Saladzilla provides a faster prep time plus I totally love the design as it makes it super portable too. If we go camping before the winter this will be a must have as I can make delicious salads while out camping and cam use the Saladzilla to prep and dry my veggies with ease!  I also love that as far as prep time is concerned… there is no need to find and lift your salad spinner out of the cabinet and then have to assemble and disassemble before and after usage. With the Saladzilla you just pop it open and start using it!


You can see that the Saladzilla is super versatile and can be used for washing things lime Arugula, micro greens, sprouts, herbs and so much more. I could not put micro greens or sprouts into my old traditional salad spinner…. they were too small and delicate BUT not with the Saladzilla!

Fast Drying

The Saladzilla will dry your produce perfectly in just a few whirls. And not only does it dry your salad with super fast performance, but it dries itself fast too!

Fun To Use

Unlike traditional Salad Spinners…. the Saladzilla from Kahuna Gear is super fun to use and the whole family will want a try at it. The Saladzilla is a lot more satisfying than pumping on a knob or pulling on a handle via traditional salad spinners………in fact you will be able to say no-more to plastic wobbles!

So what are your thoughts on the Saladzilla Salad Spinner from Kahuna Gear?! Is it not the coolest thing ever and super fun looking to use too?! It has so many benefits that traditional salad spinners on the market are lacking. I absolutely love its innovative design that helps to reduce waste by cutting down on materials. The end result is a salad spinner that is lighter yet more durable and that is equal too or in my opinion….provides better performance than old school salad spinners. I just love it and I have been whipping out some delicious salads and more using this salad spinner and I have to say it does an amazing job at taking out all of the excess water from whatever I am spinning. Check out the Saladzilla Salad Spinner today and pick one up to begin enjoying the most sustainable, durable and effective salad spinner ever! It is a lot of fun too and takes up very little space!


Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review post and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for stopping by and make sure to enter a giveaway or two while you are here!


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