Top Benefits Of Biotin

There are numerous benefits of biotin which extend to our health and our looks. Known as a beauty vitamin, biotin can improve the condition of the skin, nails, and hair. It also has other health benefits and is a vital nutrient which helps the body function at its best. The B-vitamin plays a crucial role in the body and is also referred to as vitamin B7.

Health benefits of biotin

A very common health benefit of biotin is related to the skin. A lot of people know that biotin is beneficial to the nails, skin, and hair but the health benefits extend far beyond these aspects.

TCA cycle

This lies at the heart of our metabolism and is involved in the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Biotin can act as a coenzyme in chemical reactions that happen in this cycle and it is crucial for the breakdown of food into usable parts for the human body.

Creation of fatty acids

There are multiple uses of fatty acids in the body and one of them is to build cell walls. Each part of us is made of small cells which is why it is important that we have an adequate supply of fatty acids to build them.

Breakdown of acids

As the body regenerates and repairs itself, the old cells need to be broken down to make way for new ones. You can learn more about the benefits of biotin on and ensure that your body remains healthy at all times. Biotin is involved in the breakdown of amino and fatty acids which frees them up to be used for new tissues and cells.

Glowing skin

The deficiency of biotin in the body is associated with a red rash and dermatitis. The lack of this vitamin in the body means that the body cannot break down and replace fatty acids which are used to make new skin cells. A strong supply of biotin will help the body regenerate the cells quickly and it will ensure that your skin is renewed for the glowing look.

Healthy hair

Increased strength in the hair and improved growth have been associated with a high amount of biotin. This makes your hair less susceptible to split ends and breakages. Biotin will support the breakdown of amino acids that ensure that there are plenty available in order to create a strong supply of keratin to provide your hair with strength and shine.

The bottom line is that due to lack of biotin, the body will not function at its best. Deficiency of biotin in the body leads to hair loss, dermatitis, red skin rash, depression, anorexia, and high cholesterol. We often assume that the diet provides the right amount of biotin but this is wrong. Our levels can be influenced by many other factors like health conditions, lifestyle, and medication. You need to ensure that you have the right amount of biotin for healthy skin, hair, and body.

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