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    Need a Weekend Getaway? How to Plan the Ultimate Fishing Trip with Your Spouse

    Now that many areas of the country are beginning to lift some of the quarantine safety measures, it’s time to finally take in the summer weather and enjoy yourself! If you and your spouse have been navigating each other’s work schedules in close quarters for the past few months, now may be the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway. If both you and your partner love to fish and enjoy the outdoors, a fishing trip in Canada could be an excellent option. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind as you plan a trip to Vancouver Island to unwind together with your spouse. Rent a lodge on…

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    Road trips. Expectation vs reality

    We’ve all seen those awesome movies where the lead characters jump into their car and hit the open road. Their windows down and the music turned all the way up. Dust blowing out behind them as the camera pans to incredible scenery, they pull into a cute motel and get into all kinds of adventures along the way. No worries, no plans just memories, comedy and even a splash of romance if the theme allows.  It’s one of the reasons that most of us plan to take a road trip of our own. Gather up your friends and enjoy the freedom that comes with driving along the highway. But, are…

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    Tourist risks – 4 ways you might get hurt in NYC

    New York City is a thriving metropolis, ideal for those looking for an incredible travel experience. Great food, world-famous landmarks, great photo opportunities, stunning hotels and yet never enough time to enjoy it all. Of course, like any big city, there are risks, and while the Big Apple is considered one of the safest cities in the world for tourists, it’s not without its dangers. It’s safe to say that most visits to New York are pretty uneventful for tourists, but these are the ones who have done their research! The more you plan, the less likely you are to have a mishap, and no one wants to remember their…