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Career as Virtual Paralegal: Is It Worth Considering?

We’ve talked about business and job opportunities in the past. Not too long ago, we discussed how you can start your own blog and monetize it to earn additional income. As a fulltime mom myself, I’m intrigued by so many of the opportunities to work from home that are available today.

One of the occupations you can choose if you want to work from home is working as a virtual paralegal. Your main duty is assisting attorneys and law firms in completing day-to-day tasks, including writing legal letters and arranging schedules. Is a career as a paralegal worth considering? Here are some of the reasons why the answer to that question is a big YES.

It’s Rewarding

It is VERY rewarding indeed and paralegals have great jobs with low risk of unemployment. Most virtual paralegals make an average annual salary of around $50,000. Keep in mind that this is for those working for a single client or law firm. As a virtual paralegal, you also have the option to take on more than one client if you think you can handle the load.

There are other rewards too. For starters, many law firms appreciate the work of their virtual paralegals by handing out bonuses on a regular basis. You also have the option to pursue a career in law if you choose to return to a fulltime job. If you’re really finding the experience rewarding, and bring in enough income from it, you could potentially be looking to branch out eventually and start your own law firm. As you can imagine, with the sea of law companies out there, you’ll need some strong online marketing for law firms on side to get your name out there, but you could take this sort of role as the first step towards that as an end goal.

It’s Easy to Get Into

You need to have the necessary credentials and skills to pursue a career in this field. That said, you can earn you online masters in paralegal studies, well, online. Top universities such as the George Washington University are opening up their online para program to new students in response to the increasing demand.

Speaking of the increasing demand

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