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Top tips for creating the perfect home office 

A home office space is not only a practical home working solution, but it can also add value to your property over time. Given the popularity of remote working, and with more companies beginning to utilise this, now is the perfect time to plan your home office build or renovation project.

Flooring choices for hard-wearing practicality

One of the most important things to consider when planning any work from home office or outbuilding, is which flooring solution will be the most effective for your requirements. Rubber flooring is a fantastic option for anywhere that is going to see a lot of footfall or that requires an easy to clean area that is resistant to damage.

Wooden flooring is aesthetically pleasing but may be easily scratched. However, if you only intend to use your home office for shorter hours, or don’t plan on seeing excessive usage then this is still a good option to consider.

Lino and faux wooden flooring are a cheap and easy to install home office flooring solution. It won’t break the bank and you have an extraordinary number of choices when it comes to colors and finishes. 

Heating, insulation, and sound-proofing options

Home offices can often become cold during the winter months. It is important to consider how to effectively insulate and keep them warm. Placing insulation throughout the walls and roofing in the early stages of development will allow heat to be retained inside for longer. You will also require secure and safe double-glazed windows and doors.  

The next choice to make is whether you are able to install a proper heating system or if you plan to rely on the use of oil filled radiators or halogen heaters. Discuss this with your contractors early in the build, to see what options work best for your requirements and usage.

Decor and accessories

Once your home office is built and finished, you may want to consider your decor options. These will depend on how you intend to use the space.  

Workspaces – if you intend to use this space solely as a home office workspace then you can be creative with colours and accessories. Investing in a good quality desk and a supportive high-backed office chair will help to keep you comfortable.  

Home spa and massage therapy rooms – creating a warm and welcoming experience is essential if you intend to use your office as a massage therapy or treatment room. Soft, natural colours, warm toned accessories and low lighting will all work very well.  

Home gym – a few simple mirrors, rubber flooring and storage for weights should be enough for a home gym. 

Finding the perfect location

Don’t forget to ensure that your office is based in a good location in your garden or outside areas. Finding the perfect balance between being near the main house and far enough away to separate yourself from the daily hustle and bustle is certainly a challenge. You should also ensure that you have a path or paved area, giving good access to your home office in all weather. During the winter months, gardens can become muddy and avoiding bringing this into your home office is essential.  

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