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A Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Breakfast

The highlight of a wedding day is different for every member of the bridal party, family and friends attending the day. For some, it’s watching your daughter walk down the aisle, and for others, it’s listening to wonderful memories and hilarious anecdotes being told during the speeches. But, for a lot of people, the most favorable part of the wedding day is sitting down to enjoy the wedding breakfast. A time to relax and refuel, dining on an exquisite array of food that has been meticulously planned is an opportunity to let your hair down, catch up with old friends and meet some new acquaintances that also know the bride or groom.

There are so many options to choose from when planning how you want your wedding breakfast to be and multiple elements that will create a wonderful ambience around the room. Let’s take a look at the areas that will need some consideration:


Food is obviously the priority on the list when it comes to wedding breakfast planning. There’s nothing worse than hungry guests or a disaster in the kitchen on the day, so take time to consider this detail carefully. You may want to opt for a sit-down dinner, serving three courses and holding the speeches in between. Or, perhaps, you want some form of buffet for your smaller wedding party and some late-night nibbles for when the dance floor is in full swing. Canapés are a great idea to bring out in between the service and the dinner to ensure everyone is catered for throughout the day. Logistics and budget will play a key role in this part of wedding planning.


Deciding what wine and how much to serve during the meal is also very dependent on your budget. If you’re having an open bar throughout the day, then follow this handy trick to cheap costs down. Place two or three bottles of high-end wine on the table for when your guests first sit down. Then, allow your caterers to top up empty glasses with a less expensive bottle throughout the remainder of the day. Your guests will probably not notice the difference after they’ve had a glass or two, and you won’t be hit with a mammoth bill at the end of your special day.


Background music really sets the tone of a wedding breakfast, so don’t forget this detail when planning your day. Lark Music offers acoustic and DJ packages that will cater for all your musical needs throughout the day. Stick to acoustic or soft jazz and soul whilst your guests are eating so they’ll want to be able to hear what fellow guests are trying to say. There will be plenty of time to turn up the speakers after the cake has been cut.

Table Decor

Table decor will give your wedding breakfast the wow factor when your guests walk in and lay their eyes on the magnificent room. Patterned table runner with center pieces made up of eye-catching floral’s can be based on the color scheme of your day.    Detailed name cards and personalized wedding favours will add an extra touch, and a disposable camera or two dotted around will be great for capturing memories around the room.


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