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Is It Okay for A Baby to Sleep in A Rocker?

Sleep is a significant factor for physical health and brain development. Sleeping helps babies regain strength because it allows their minds and body to rest. Here are some benefits that sleep can give you might want to check.

Benefits of a Good Sleep for Babies

● Growth. A night of good sleep plays a vital role in an infant. About 80% of the growth hormone called somatotropin is released while sleeping. That is why babies double their birth weight when they reach five months and triple the number at around twelve months.

● Weight. Although sleep can help in growth, less sleep can negatively affect their weight. The research found that a sleep duration of fewer than 12 hours during infancy can be a risk factor for overweight in children under five years old.

● Mental Development. The brain develops rapidly during its first year. And a lot of their learning happens while they are sleeping. Sleep also allows infants to strengthen their memories about the things they have learned during the daytime.

● Immune System. Sleep can also boost the immune system of babies. Sleep plays a role in the development of their immunity. Babies who do not get enough sleep are more prone to disease and infections. And being ill also disrupts their sleep cycle and gives them less quality sleep overall.

With all this information stating how beneficial sleep is for our babies, surely every parent will want to make their little ones sleep better. However, many parents are still struggling with infant sleep problems. And what helped them soothe these little screamers? A baby rocker.

Purpose of a Baby Rocker

baby sleep rocker is a soft and cushioned sitting device that sits on and low to the ground. It often uses a motor and features a back and forth rocking motion. A baby rocker is to soothe a baby with a swing or a rocking motion. It has safety belts to comfortably lay on your baby while doing other household chores or tending some tasks.

The baby rocker is an automated device that keeps on moving. Thus, it is a great help for parents that are being stressed-out because of their fussy babies.

Rockers are designed for your baby to rest and relax while keeping them close by. Some baby rockers offer other features. Sometimes, baby rockers may include a built-in music player for your babies’ lullaby. It may also have a mobile app for phone control, a Bluetooth connection, vibration, etc. So, your choice of what works best for you and your baby will depend on your personal needs and budget.

Advantages of Having a Baby Rocker

Before we talk about the negatives, let’s talk about the positives of baby rockers.

● Are you spending a lot of hours trying to make your baby fall asleep? Then, a baby rocker is ideal for you. All you have to do is put your little one in his comfortable baby rocker. Then he will be calm and sleep while you accomplish your household chores freely.

● Baby sleep rockers have ergonomic features. Meaning that this will give a sensation to your baby as if they are in their mother’s arms. That is the main reason why most babies feel very comfortable sitting on their rocking chairs.

● Babies love to play and discover new things. With that in mind, many baby rockers also include toys that can entertain your baby so he will have a lot of fun. But if you happen to purchase a baby rocker without these freebies, you can fix them yourself by hanging stuffed animals. Then you will be amazed to watch your baby enjoying his playtime.

● The sensation in a baby rocker resembles a feeling when your baby is still inside the womb. Thus, the swaying movements they are used to can help them develop socially, mentally, and physically.

● Rocking movements can also help develop a child’s balance. Swaying can enhance the vestibular system and is vital for your baby’s first steps.

● Do you love going on a trip with your family? You do not have to worry. This baby rocker is portable and easy to pack. You can bring it wherever you want so you will not have to worry about your baby having a hard time falling asleep. 

Is it Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Baby Rocker?

One of the most important things that a parent has to consider before planning to buy a baby product is their child’s safety. So, apart from the benefits of having a baby rocker mentioned above, they still want to make sure that it can have no harm on their little one.

Although many baby rockers are a comfortable and soothing place for your little one to nap, the truth is that a baby rocker is not the safest place for babies to sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a night of safe sleep for babies means sleeping on a firm surface without anything else in their crib. But sad to say, a baby rocker is simply an unsafe place for a baby to sleep. The main concerns are that the baby could get tangled with the straps, they might fall from the rocker, and there is a high risk of suffocation.

Therefore, the bottom line is: You should always supervise your baby while sitting on a baby rocker. Even if baby rockers help make your baby fall asleep, do not make them sleep in there for too long. If you catch them dozing off or have already slept, you should move them into a crib. But make sure that the crib should be empty other than a crib mattress and a fitted sheet in it.

And if you want to know more about this baby sleep rocker, we recommend that you visit this page directing you to a baby rocker review about safety and proper usage.

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