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8 Yummy Australian Dishes Every First Time Visitor Should Try

The Land Down Under has much more to offer than quirky wildlife and coral reefs. If you’re a first time visitor, try indulging in these Australian dishes. 

G’day, mates! When most people think of Australia, they think of kangaroos and deadly spiders. What many don’t seem to consider is the cuisine! 

Australian dishes are among the most delicious and unique on earth. If you’re traveling down under, there are certain foods you absolutely cannot miss out on. What trip is complete without a sampling of the local cuisine? 

Here are eight must-try Australian dishes any visitor should try. 

1. Lamingtons 

Known as the national cake of Australia, you absolutely cannot miss out on lamington. The lamington is named after a former Governor of Queensland, Lord Lamington. That’s certainly one way to keep your name in the peoples’ mouths. 

Lamington is a puffy, square, chocolate-dipped bit of sponge cake coated in coconut. You can get them with a jam filling, and they go great with tea! Plus, you won’t have to look too find lamington — it’s available in most Australian coffee shops. 

Lamingtons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fillings. One of the tastier options is a cream-filled lamington. 

2. Beetroot Burger 

Make a burger, top it with some beetroot, and call it a day. This Australian staple may sound strange, but it’ll change the way you think about burgers. You can even complement the beetroot with some pineapple rings, another Aussie tradition! 

Since beetroot can be a pretty wet ingredient, always put it on your burger last. Beetroot may give your burger a nice, sweet hit, but nobody likes a soggy bun. 

You can also try asking for a burger with the lot. ‘The lot’ may include salad, fried egg, pineapple and beetroot, and some barbequed meat. The Australians don’t mess around with their burgers, and you’ll be thankful they don’t. 

3. Pavlova 

Pavlova is one of the finest desserts in Australia. It’s a fruit-filled meringue-heavy dish, typically topped with fruit, icing sugar, and whipped cream. It’s crispy, sweet, and so delicious that Australia and New Zealand still can’t stop arguing about who invented it first. 

Pavlova was created in the 20s to honor Anna Pavlova. She was a Russian ballerina who visited the country at the time. Whoever made it, Pavlova is a can’t-miss Australian dessert. 

Try pavlova with a nice mix of berries and kiwi on top. It’s hard not to fall in love with this dessert. 

4. Kangaroo 

Yes, the Australians do actually eat kangaroo. And yes, it’s actually very worth trying. 

There are a lot of kangaroos in Australia, and many consider them pests. They cause car accidents, eat crops, and can seriously hurt you with their kicks. Because of this, they’re being hunted in larger numbers, which leads to, you guessed it, eating them. 

You can but kangaroo meat all across Australia, and even get it in restaurants. Kangaroo meat is high in protein but low in fat, and you can get it in a lot of varieties. These include kangaroo burgers, sausages, and steaks! 

5. Flat White 

How about a hot drink to wash down all that kangaroo? 

The flat white is one of Australia’s most popular coffees. It’s similar to a latte, but with less microfoam and in a smaller serving size. It’s got more milk than espresso, and tastes creamier than its counterpart. 

The flat white is available in any Australian coffee shop worth its salt. The Astrocafe in Melbourne makes a mean flat white, and some pretty great food. If you’re visiting the Melbourne area, give it a visit. 

6. Vegemite on Toast 

This might sound like a simple dish, but there’s a technique to spreading vegemite on toast. 

Vegemite is a brown spread made with vegetables, spice additives, and yeast extract. It’s bitter and salty, similar to beef bouillon, and also totally vegan. If that sounds disgusting, you’re not alone. 

Vegemite is definitely a love it or hate it spread. But the only way to know which camp you fall in is to try it! 

The biggest mistake people make with vegemite on toast is a thick spread. You only need a thin layer of vegemite on your toast. You can even pair it with jam, cheese, or avocado to give it an extra little kick! 

Vegemite is healthy, it’s widely available, and very unique. Try starting your day with some vegemite on toast. It could either make or break your day! 

7. Barramundi 

Barramundi is one of the most popular fish dishes in Australia. Barramundi means ‘large-scaled river fish’ in the Australian aboriginal language. It can be grilled, seared, or fried, and is typically enjoyed with some chips. 

Barramundi is typically caught in Northern Australia but is available throughout the country. Australians can’t get enough of this fish, to the point where they import tons of it every year. 

Barramundi is delicious. They’re flaky, fatty, and tend to melt-in-your-mouth. If they’re good enough for the crocs, they’re good enough for the Aussies. 

8. Meat Pies 

You haven’t tried a meat pie until you’ve tried an Australian meat pie. 

Australian meat pies are much smaller than American ones. They come in hand-sized portions and are typically filled with mincemeat and gravy. They’re then topped with a generous amount of tomato sauce! 

If you want to get fancy, you can also get meat pies with mashed potato and peas inside, along with the mincemeat. These are savory and wholesome, and it can be very hard to stop at just one. 

Don’t Miss out on These Australian Dishes 

When in Australia, do as the Australians do. 

Some Australian dishes may seem intimidating, but don’t let that drive you away. From unique meats to sweet desserts, the land down under has something for everyone. If you have a chance to say you ate a kangaroo burger and loved it, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity? 

If you’re visiting Australia, try the dishes above. It’s the only way to get the authentic Australian experience! 

For more on food and travel, keep browsing through the rest of our blog!  


  • Dana Rodriguez

    I have always wanted to visit there. Vegemite is nasty! lol Lamington sounds really good though!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d definitely try the Lamingtons and the meat pies, and most of the others. I’m not sure I could actually eat kangaroo, though, lol.

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