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Winter Lawncare Tips for All Homeowners

Winter Lawncare Tips for All Homeowners

With the cold weather upon us, you’re probably spending very little time thinking about your lawn. But, while gardening may be classed as a job for the spring or summer by many homeowners, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that looking after your lawn throughout the colder months will make your job much easier once the warm weather comes back around. Spending some time tending to your lawn during the Fall and winter months will not only ensure that it looks great and stays in good condition; it will also contribute to the overall health of your grass year-round. The time tending involved in this has led to some people installing artificial grass. This can greatly reduce the time involved taking care of your lawn during the winter months, meaning you can put your mind at rest about having to brave the cold mowing the lawn. However, if you’ve stuck with your organic lawn, we’ve put together some top Fall and winter tips for good lawn care.

Tip #1. Continue Mowing

Although it’s not as enjoyable a job in the winter, continuing mowing your lawn while the weather is colder is important. Luckily, you could always get Trop Lawn Care (https://troplawncare.com/) to mow and care for your lawn in the colder months if you really don’t want to do it. They’ll be able to keep your lawn looking good, even in the bad conditions. Usually, grass won’t grow as fast during the cold weather as it does during the summer, so don’t worry – you won’t have to spend every weekend out in the cold. As the weather gets colder, drop the lawn mower blade to the lowest setting before your last cut, as this will allow more sunlight to get to the roots of the grass and leave less leaf debris over the winter months. If necessary, gradually lower the cutting height, making sure to never take off more than one-third at any time.

Tip #2. Rake the Leaves

During the Fall and winter months, you’re going to find many leaves blown around your lawn, especially if you have trees in the garden, or there is foliage in the surrounding area. While raking leaves may be nobody’s idea of fun, especially when it’s cold outside, it’s important to do so to keep your lawn in the best condition over the winter. If left too long, leaves that collect on your lawn will quickly turn wet from morning dew and rain, creating a suffocating mat over the grass that can quickly breed fungal diseases and cause irreparable damage. Check out this large selection of garden rakes if it is time for you to get a new one, and remember that along with raking leaves, it’s a good idea to fight back against any weeds, such as dandelions, that may have started growing over your lawn and ensure that they don’t take over.

Tip #3. Fill in Dead Spots

Fall and early winter is also the best time to fill in any dead spots in your lawn, getting it ready for a full, green coverage during the spring and summer. The easiest and quickest method of doing this is to use ready-made lawn care mixture, such as that from Canada Green Grass, which contains grass seed and organic fertilizer. First, use a rake to loosen any bald spots of soil, then spread a thick mixture of the seeds and fertilizer over the lawn and then water at least every other day for two weeks. It’s also a good time to fertilize your lawn to prepare it for future growth.

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