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7 Unconventional Food and Wine Pairings to Try This Fall

Fall is on the horizon, so that means cooler air and festive parties are on the way. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all causes for celebration, and for some people that means breaking out their best wine bottles.

When you drink wine, you want tasty food to go with it. You may think of a cabernet with steak, but have you tried eating a hot dog with prosecco? Try these seven unconventional food and wine pairings this fall.

1.   Champagne and Fries

When you think of wine, you likely think of high-class meals with expensive ingredients and dishes you have difficulty pronouncing. Throw that out the window and plate some French fries. This potato concoction may be far from the first food pairing you think of for wine, but consider pairing fries with a sparkling wine like champagne.

Fries are famous for their salty, savory flavor, and they complement a glass of champagne well. Champagne’s bubbles provide nice carbonation and its dryness is a great combination with the saltiness of the fries. The salty potato and champagne combination also works well with potato chips. Salty foods that are high in fat taste great with sparkling wine’s acidity.

2.   Popcorn and Chardonnay

When fall arrives and the nighttime air is crisp, it’s an excellent time for movie nights. Whether you’re watching a romantic comedy, a thriller, or a documentary, you’ll likely toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave. If you want some wine to pair with this salty treat, pour a glass of chardonnay.

This white wine comes from the Burgundy region of France and is notorious for its creamy and buttery flavor. It will match well with similar tastes and textures from a fresh bag of hot popcorn. You’ll feel like Olivia Pope sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine.

3.   Cabernet and S’mores

Autumn is an ideal time for nighttime bonfires. Sitting around a campfire and telling stories usually means roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. If your mouth salivates at the thought of this treat, try pairing it with a wine like Madeira.

A bottle of Bual Madeira has a sweet taste that complements the s’mores well. Wine experts laud Bual for its complexity and its walnut-like flavor. It’s dark and will pair well with the warm chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers in the s’mores.

4.   Prosecco and Apple Pie

When you think of fall, you may think of the smells associated with the season. The cooler weather means people are baking delicious treats in the oven, such as apple pie. If you enjoy eating this American symbol in the fall, pair it with a white wine like prosecco.

This wine is light-bodied and has a fresh taste to it. You can often taste flavors like apple and honeysuckle in it, which pair well with the fruity and rich taste of the apple pie.

5.   Hot Dogs and Riesling

Another favorite at campfires is hot dogs. Hot dogs and sausages taste delicious when you roast them on the fire. Or, if you enjoy tailgating, you can cook them on a grill. Usually, hot dogs go with a beverage like beer, but try them with a sparkling white wine like a riesling.

Hot dogs tend to have a smokey flavor, especially if you smoke them over a fire or a grill. The Riesling will complement the dish by offsetting the spices with a sweet taste.

6.   Sushi and Rosé

The fall season is one of the best times to enjoy seafood. When fish like salmon do their fall run, they return to the river and gain fat and other nutrients. In Japan, people typically pair raw fish (sashimi-grade) with alcohol, such as sake.

For wine, try a dry rosé to pair with your seafood treat. Sushi has a slightly salty taste from the rice and the fish and can have sweet flavors. So it’s essential to pair it with a wine that isn’t too strong. Dry rosé is a great wine pairing because of its refreshing taste and slight acidity. Its fruitiness is an excellent complement to the rice’s aromatics.

7.   Macaroni and Moscato

Autumn brings comfort food that warms your body and soul during the cooler months. What dish provides more comfort than homemade macaroni and cheese? This creamy, savory pasta dish is an American classic. Though, wine might not be the first pairing to come to mind.

Try a glass of dessert wine, such as moscato, to pair with your pasta. Moscato is sweet and easy to drink, making it an ideal wine for beginners. The slight acidity and fruity flavors complement the savory, creamy taste of the macaroni and cheese. This pairing is great for a night when you don’t want anything complicated and all you desire is wine and pasta.

Get Creative With Wine

Some wine sommeliers may turn up their noses thinking about champagne and a bag of potato chips, but these combinations work. The possibilities are endless when pairing food with your wine!

Think about it like a designer picking out colors for a room. Matching the colors is ideal, but coordinating them works just as well. You can pair your wines with foods with similar flavors, such as sweetness. Or, you can find combinations that contrast each other but still taste delicious. Get creative and try these seven unconventional wine pairings this fall.

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