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Need a Weekend Getaway? How to Plan the Ultimate Fishing Trip with Your Spouse

Now that many areas of the country are beginning to lift some of the quarantine safety measures, it’s time to finally take in the summer weather and enjoy yourself! If you and your spouse have been navigating each other’s work schedules in close quarters for the past few months, now may be the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway. If both you and your partner love to fish and enjoy the outdoors, a fishing trip in Canada could be an excellent option. Affordable fishing trips can be found all over the north too. Canada, Green Bay and Vancouver are full of guides and companies to help you with your fishing vacation. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind as you plan a trip to Vancouver Island to unwind together with your spouse.

Rent a lodge on Vancouver Island.

Fishing lodges can be an excellent way to make the most of your fishing trip, thanks to the fact that they can often offer you particular types of fishing, a great place to stay near the water, chartered trips on the water, fish processing, licenses, and even meals. Some fishing lodges also offer the gear you’ll need to fish for halibut, salmon, and other species, meaning that you truly get the best value when signing up for these sorts of lodges. If you want to guarantee a successful trip for halibut fishing or salmon fishing, heading to a fishing resort is an ideal vacation to have, especially when you include the added benefit of various wildlife tours and gorgeous scenery.

There are a wide variety of excellent Vancouver Island fishing lodges to consider for your trip. Vancouver Island has been consistently praised by Conde Nast, with the travel publication noting the island’s magnetism and an outdoor atmosphere that’s as beguiling as it is welcoming. One major benefit of fishing at Vancouver Island is the fact that you’ll likely be able to catch both salmon and halibut during your trip. For a remote fishing vacation with packages that pack a punch, it’s hard to beat Nootka Island Lodge. Featuring guided and unguided charters, Nootka Island Lodge offers luxury amenities in a remote destination that rivals Alaska. A Nootka Island Lodge vacation is also a more affordable way to get luxury at a lodge on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, whereas other fishing grounds on the coast, such as Walters Cove Resort and Blackfish Lodge are more expensive, albeit worth the money.

Pack the clothing you’ll need.

If you and your spouse need an excuse to splurge on new clothes, a trip to one of Vancouver Island’s luxury fishing lodges is as good of an excuse as any. After all, you’ll likely want to get a new pair of jeans before you head out into the wilderness or onto a boat. The rugged material of demin jeans is perfect for women and men who want something stylish yet durable to wear on their fishing trip. If you compliment the look with a high-quality plaid shirt, you’ll have yourself a great look, whether you’re taking photos with your spouse out on the water or in the evening posing in front of your cabin.

Other clothes you’ll want to keep in mind when packing and shopping for your trip: You’ll want to bring clothes to protect you from the weather and other atmospheric conditions you may experience when out on the water fishing. For example, having multiple layers to put on or take off can help you adjust to fluctuations in temperature while you fish. Another great item to pack is a raincoat made of lightweight fabric, since rain can crop up at any time in British Columbia. Especially if you’re preparing to fish in the early morning or late evening when temperatures can be cooler, packing some thermal underwear may also be worthwhile. Keep in mind that your fishing resort may offer all the gear you need, so focus on things like hats and other clothes that the lodge might not have in order to have the best time possible with your spouse.

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