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7 Things to Avoid for a Happy Holiday Season

It takes a special kind of Scrooge not to love Christmas. Even the cold-hearted industrialist eventually came to accept the joyous time of the year. Like most, you probably get excited and go a little wild over Christmas and New Year. But all the fun can lead to accidental mishaps, and there are a few things you would do well to avoid for a happy holiday season.

Excess Alcohol

Wine, beer, and spirits date back to early humanity. Today, alcoholic beverages are drunk quite a bit more over Christmas and the New Year as everyone enjoys each other’s company over dinner, funny stories, and fun family activities. Yet, it is wise to take it a little easier this year to avoid having to call a personal injury lawyer from Mitch Grissim and Associates. Each year, injuries increase significantly over the holidays. In the United States alone, emergency room visits on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day have previously hit increases of over 250%.

The Weather

Seasonal changes make each time of the year unique and a joy. Summer allows you to get outside and enjoy the sun, while winter brings snow and fun activities like sledding. However, like you need to be careful of getting too much sun, you should also beware winter weather. Without warning, the weather in the wintertime can suddenly change. A seemingly clear day can become a snowstorm. Always prepare by checking local weather reports. If there’s even a hint of adverse weather, consider putting something off for another day.  

Top Tipped Toys

Each year there’s a hot toy that every child wants. For 2021, it appears Paw Patrol toys will be popular among kids. While millions still await a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X due to semiconductor shortages and supply chain issues. All of which is exacerbated by the pandemic. Additionally, you might queue for hours in a store or online to try to get these toys, only to be disappointed. As a result, you only increase the pressure of a perfect Christmas. Therefore it helps to explain to the children that Santa can’t bring this year’s hottest toy.

Brassicas on Your Plate

As a child, unwrapping presents is magical and something you look forward to all year. As an adult, you probably look more forward to the food. There’s nothing like a perfectly bronzed and juicy turkey, fresh from the oven. As stunning and mouth-watering as this is, it is made even better by the trimmings. And although these are all delicious, some of them make your company a little less pleasant. Brassicas such as sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli are also known for their less than savory digestive conditions. In short, they can cause excess gas. If you experience these horrid digestive issues, perhaps do everyone a favor and forego the greens this year. 

Leaving It Too Late

There’s no denying that everyone is busier than they used to be. Even in a world of a viral pandemic, you still have things to do. The kids need to be taken care of, the house requires keeping, and you probably have work to do as well. With all of these aspects of life, it is always a possibility you will leave your Christmas shopping until later on. This is almost always a mistake. You will almost definitely not get a turkey. Additionally, vegetables and condiments will be sold out. More importantly, any gifts you really want to get are not in stock by Christmas Eve.

Neglecting the Home

Your home is your defense against the raging winter weather. However, if not appropriately maintained during extreme elements, you run the risk of a house-based disaster. For example, your guttering might become blocked with ice and frozen debris. This will cause dampness, mold, and wood rot, at least. You should also have your boiler checked. This might be an initial expense. However, service will ensure you won’t be stuck with no heating. Worse, you could use a boiler that spills undetectable carbon monoxide that will be fatal if breathed in for an extended period.

People in General

Perhaps a little anti-Christmas, you might fare a little better this year if you avoid people when possible. Covid-19 has not gone away and will not do so any time soon. The Omicron variant is found in many countries and is spreading rapidly. This variant of Covid is more potent than previous variants, yet Delta remains dominant. In short, there is still a high chance you can become infected. Even if you have been vaccinated, you can still catch and transmit Covid. With vaccination, the chances of adverse effects are reduced by up to 98%. However, you can still pass it on to family and friends who are unvaccinated. For the time being, minimal contact and social distancing are necessary.

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