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7 Ideas How to Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

Despite all our efforts, COVID-19 still directs us on how to live our lives, what to do and what not to do. And while some activities and events are devoid of their usual attributes, they should by no means be devoid of fun. One of such events highly affected by the current pandemic is your or your kids’ graduation. Despite all the hardships and limitations, there are in fact quite a number of things you can do to celebrate this important stage in your life. So let’s find out we can have fun when school’s finally out. 

1. Have a Car Parade

Have your kids decorate their cars with streamers, balloons, ribbon, and whatnot. Then, on the day their graduation party is supposed to take place, drive around the neighborhood like a flamboyant caravan. Just make sure to stay way below the speed limit and restrain from honking too much. While this idea might mostly work for high schoolers, with a bit of imagination, you can modify this idea even for grad school.

2. Organize a Virtual Party in Zoom

While this application has widely been used for educational goals, it’s high time to asset its fun potential. So let’s use Zoom to make a virtual party! All you have to do is to create a conference, invite your classmates to it (with awesome self-made virtual invitations), then just chill with them. Tell stories and jokes, reminiscent of the good old days, share your aspirations for the future – anything goes.

3. Host Small Parties

While nothing can really replace the grad graduation party with all your classmates, having small and intimate parties is the next best thing. After all, you are allowed to have a gathering of not more than 10 people, granted you follow all the precautions. Just make sure that you keep a safe distance from each other and wash your hands regularly.

4. Create a Graduation Slideshow

If you prefer to keep your graduation purely virtual, there is a way to honor this big day digitally. Make a graduation slideshow! It won’t take much time or effort. Just cull pictures of you and your classmates (videos, too), apply cool animation effects to them, then spice everything up with upbeat music, and you’re done. You can share this slideshow with your pals either via email, by posting it on YouTube, or just by having a teeny tiny party and watching your video on TV.

5. Plan a Raincheck Party

Despite how gloomy the coronavirus situation seems, it’s eventually going to come to an end. So why not optimistically postpone your graduation party? You don’t have to set a specific date, but you all have to agree to have fun when it’s all finally over. This way you’ll have a double party – honoring your graduation and celebration of the end of the pandemic.

6. Decorate Your Yards

Want to yell about your graduation so that the whole town hears? Do it nonverbally – with a yard sign. Arrange for all your classmates to put handmade – and hopefully richly decorated – signs on your front lawns. You can even host a competition of whose sign “yells” the loudest.

7. Have a Graduation Photoshoot

Generally, girls and guys get their senior photos taken at the beginning of the school year, but the pandemic caused many students to hold off on this photo session. Furthermore… you can hire a photographer that would take your pictures in a park or some other bigger venue. Later, you can use these pictures to create a lovely collage that would bring you all a bit closer, albeit virtually. 

Well, you see, thanks to the advancements in technology, we still have fun graduating from school. While these ideas above are hardly a proper substitute to real graduation, they are nonetheless jolly, heartfelt, and – most importantly – safe. So whether you are the one who’s finishing school or you are a proud parent, take these ideas and make this coming-of-age day really memorable.