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7 Different Ways to Use Honey in Your Food

Adding honey to your pantry is a good idea, regardless of the type of cuisine that you cook. Although honey is amazing in your granola and bread. It also does come in handy by using it for so much more in the kitchen. Among the many must-haves in your kitchen, honey should be among the top ones. Once you know other different ways to use it, you can enjoy cooking with honey and making your meals more delicious. In this article are 7 different ways to cook with honey. 

1. Add to your dish

Give a little body and sweetness to your dish by adding some honey. For instance, if you are cooking Indian curry and you do not want to use a lot of ghee in it. Use honey to give your dish a different taste and body. To do this, add some honey into your almost done dish. This bold and subtle ingredient is essential to bringing out many spices in your dish. If you have never tried this before, add some honey to your next curry dish, and surprise your taste buds. 

2. Make a glaze for your meat

Glazed meat is an old tradition that many people love to do but use the same ingredients. Nowadays, there are new ways to make this cooking technique unique and take it to another level. Therefore, to make delicious glazed meat, use raw buckwheat honey, for a different and delicious taste from the usual ingredients. Experiment with it and combine the honey with lime to make a super fresh glaze. This is a different taste from when you glaze it with soy sauce. 

3. To sweeten beverages 

Adding some honey to your hot or cold beverages is another way to use it. Therefore, if you are on a journey to cut down on sugar, using honey as an alternative is good for your health. Hence, you can use it in your coffee in the morning or your hibiscus tea in the evening. Adding honey to these drinks will help you enjoy sweet alternatives of a healthier benefit. In comparison to using packets of sugar every day in your morning coffee. 

4. Bake it in a loaf of bread 

If you love baking fresh bread, try using some honey in your dough before you put it in the oven. When you try this new way, it will wow everyone that you offer your bread to. Do not just use it on the honey rolls, but you can add it to any type of bread you are baking. Try substituting honey for sugar for the honey flavor never disappoints. 

5. Make a honey-based dressing

Take your salad game to new heights by adding honey as you prepare it. Whipping up a dressing should not be hard if you have all the necessary ingredients. Use some olive oil, honey, and apple cider vinegar and whisk them together to create a honey-based dressing. Anytime you use honey as your base for your salad dressing. You create a salad that people will adore because it creates a savory and sweet taste.

6. Create a honey coleslaw

As you try to think of other creative ways to use honey. Adding it to your coleslaw salad is the last thing you may think of. But you can opt to try it and it will surprise you how a coleslaw with honey is tasty. The next time you are entertaining, try to make a honey orange slaw for your guests. 

7. Add to fresh corn 

Many people crave fresh corn when summertime arrives. This fresh corn is a savory snack and there are various ways in which you can sweeten it more. After boiling the corn, whip together honey and softened butter in equal parts, and you have yourself a snack that is as flavorful as it is addictive.

To sum up, the above ways are some that you can try and find more ways to use your honey. Other ways you can try is to glaze some pretzels with it and you can learn more from your friends and many other cooking shows, to find more surprising yet tasty ways you can use honey on your food.


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