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7 Common Myths about Pet Surgery

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about pets and their surgeries. Most of them are based on false information and there is no scientific explanation for them. If your pet is about to undergo surgery, you should go for it and not take any risks for their health after hearing any misconceptions about surgery and pets.

This article will give you information about the seven common myths about pet surgery and veterinary orthopedic surgeons.

Seven Myths about Pet Surgery

1. Pets Age May Hinder Recovery

The first misconception about pets surgery is that many people think that their pet is too old to get surgery and will not get out of the surgery alive. But it is suggested that you do not listen to the internet and what your neighbor says about your sick pet and take them to a doctor as early as possible if they face an injury. 

You need to seek medical advice from an expert on the topic and not listen to anyone else. It is important to note that only a professional can decide whether your pet needs surgery or not. It is only recommended by a doctor because there is a life and death situation regarding your pet.

2. Surgery Causes Pain

The next misconception is that pets have to undergo a lot of pain due to surgery, which is valid to some extent. But the thing is that nowadays, safer options of medication and pain management are available compared to the past. Post-op care today has vastly improved

If the pain medications are managed appropriately before and after surgery, your pet will not have to face a lot of pain after surgery. The goal of the surgery is to decrease the pain that the pet is feeling and not to increase it.

3. No Cure

Many people lose hope and think that there is no cure for their pet’s disease. Many people start to believe this when their pet has a tumor and loses all hopes and expectations. It is a very personal decision for the pet owner, but according to scientific research, it is possible, and the cure is always available. An owner should always prioritize the pet’s quality of life and nothing else. Letting them stay in pain is more torturing than them going through the surgical procedure. 

4. Confinement is a Problem

A common misconception is that pets cannot survive confinement easily, which is false.Sometimes confinement is required after surgery and that is a requirement of post-op care and the owner shouldn’t fight it. 

5. Recovery Cones are Inconvenient

People think that keeping recovery cones on their pets will not be possible; however, it is not true. Your pet is more resilient and adaptable than you think.

6. Cheap Ways are Better

Some people think that there is a cheaper alternative to surgery, but it is not valid. If the doctor has recommended surgery, then it is the only option.

7. Medication is an Alternative to Surgery

The next misconception is that severe medical illness and injury can be cured just by using medication. If a medical expert has recommended surgery for your pet, it is necessary, and medication is not the only cure.

Things do not get better by themselves, and that is why surgery is essential for pet animals. It is always better to get a second opinion if you want peace of mind, but delaying the procedure won’t make things any better.

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