7 Amazing Benefits of CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain

Is your dog suffering from painful joints? These 7 benefits of CBD dog treats for joint pain can help them get back on their feet.

20 percent of all dogs develop arthritis at some point in their life. Once dogs hit the seven years of age mark, though, that percentage steeply increases to a 65 percent chance of getting arthritis. 

Arthritis is often an unavoidable consequence of your pup getting older. The good news, though, is that there’s something to help with the symptoms of arthritis. CBD dog treats for joint pain can give your arthritic dog the boost he needs to get back to life as normal. 

That’s right, CBD isn’t just for us humans. That’s why we’re bringing you this guide to everything you need to know about using CBD treats to alleviate your dog’s pain.

Curious about arthritis in dogs and why CBD treats are so beneficial for its symptoms? Then keep reading this guide because we’re answering that question and more. 

How To Know If Your Dog Is Suffering From Arthritis

Before we get into CBD for dogs, let’s talk about the top symptoms of arthritis. Of course, reading through this list of arthritis symptoms in dogs isn’t a diagnostic tool. Always be sure to visit your local vet if you think your dog is suffering from joint pain. 


Some limping in dogs is normal. Yet, when your dog limps frequently or over prolonged periods, arthritis could be the cause. 

Back Pain

Has your dog been walking strangely lately? Perhaps he’s holding himself differently or walking with a hunch. If so, it may be one of the earliest signs of back pain, which is a common symptom of arthritis in dogs.

Easily Tired

While sleeping all day is pretty normal for dogs, your pup shouldn’t be exhausted after his morning walk. If your dog fatigues easily during normal daily activities, this may be a sign he’s dealing with arthritis.


Just like humans, dogs don’t deal that well with pain and may become more irritable. Don’t stress out if your dog starts snapping at you out of the blue. If the snapping starts during grooming, petting, or putting on his harness, he may be trying to tell you that he’s dealing with arthritic pain. 

Loss Of Mobility

Dogs that can no longer do the activities or perform the same physical fetes they used to may be showing signs of arthritis.

Does your dog love to go on long car rides? Then you know how excited he is to hop in the car for a  Sunday afternoon drive. If your dog starts showing reluctance to jump in the car or, worse, falls each time he tries, this may be a sign he’s losing mobility due to arthritis. 

Seven Benefits Of CBD Dog Treats

So, your veterinarian diagnosed your dog with arthritis. What’s next? Your vet will guide you through the treatment options available, one of which will be to give your dog a medication that provides relief from joint pain. 

That’s where CBD dog treats can come in. 

Yet, arthritis isn’t the only condition in dogs that may benefit from CBD. We’re listing six more of them here. Of course, talk to your veterinarian first about whether CBD dog treats for joint pain are right for your dog. 

1. CBD Dog Treats For Joint Pain

Aside from seizures, joint pain is the most well-researched benefit of CBD for dogs. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. Considering that CBD works on many of the same pathways as anti-inflammatory drugs, it’s no wonder researchers believe it can help with joint pain, too.

In fact, one study of CBD in dogs found that arthritic dogs showed significant joint pain relief after taking size-adjusted doses of CBD twice daily. 

2. CBD Dog Treats For Frequent Seizures

The most well-researched condition in dogs that CBD can benefit are seizures. Specifically, a type of seizure condition known as idiopathic epilepsy. In one study, scientists showed that giving dogs CBD and an anti-seizure medication leads to a significant decrease in the frequency of seizures.

3. CBD for Nausea In Dogs

While no research exists about the benefits of CBD for cancer in dogs so far, scientists have looked at the benefits of CBD for cancer treatment side effects like nausea. Most studies have been done in humans, ferrets, and rats.

Still, researchers suspect CBD could have positive effects on nausea in dogs, especially during chemotherapy.

4. CBD May Influence Back Aches In Dogs

Like arthritis, inflammation is partially responsible for backaches and other chronic pains. There’s been no research on the benefits of CBD dog treats for back pain. However, scientists say that, in theory, CBD could provide the same relief for other inflammatory conditions as it does for arthritis. 

5. CBD May Affect Restlessness In Dogs

There are a lot of claims floating around the internet about CBD and anxiety in dogs. However, there have been no valid studies to assess this claim. In theory, at least, CBD could calm dogs down by reducing inflammation, which is thought to be correlated with decreases in anxious behaviors

6. CBD May Benefit Allergy Issues In Dogs

Did you know allergic reactions are also a type of inflammatory disorder? It’s true, and the reason why some scientists think CBD could benefit allergies in dogs. However, there is no scientific evidence for the benefits of CBD for dog allergies.

7. CBD May Help Dogs Overcome Their Fears

In the same line of thinking that posits CBD as a treatment for anxiety, some people suggest that CBD dog treats could help Fido overcome his fears. This line of thinking hasn’t been tested, though. So, always speak to your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD for phobias. 

The Final Word On CBD For Dogs

There is evidence that CBD dog treats for joint pain can benefit dogs suffering from arthritis. Since CBD is a natural alternative to prescription pain killers, you may prefer it for your pup. And here’s the best part: CBD has been shown to be completely safe and highly-tolerable in dogs. 

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