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Tips on Remaining Youthful for Boomers in the Big City

If you’re a baby boomer, now is the time to live it up. You’ve spent your life working and helping to make this country the most prosperous one in world history. Now, it’s time to enjoy the perks!

If you’re concerned about aging, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to remain active and practice self-care. Fortunately, New York City has plenty of fun and enrichment to offer baby boomers. The keys to aging well are to get physical activity, work your mind, do things you enjoy, and be honest with yourself about your mental health. Continue reading to learn how to remain youthful while living in the Big Apple.

Take Yoga

If you’re a baby boomer, then you have either reached or are approaching retirement. It’s normal for your activity level to take a steep dive once you stop working. However, not getting enough physical activity can cause serious health problems and shorten your life by years.

A fun way to stay active and get in shape is to do yoga. Low impact yoga will help you to become more flexible, strengthen your joints, and even promotes mental sharpness. Another great benefit of yoga is that it is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Play Chess

As you age, your mental edge may begin to fade—especially if your brain isn’t getting any exercise. When you retire, it’s important that you engage your mind in challenging activities such as playing chess or other brain-training games.

The benefits that playing chess has on the mind are numerous. It helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, helps to improve memory and problem-solving skills, and it works both sides of the brain. It can even increase your level of creativity.

If you don’t know how to play chess, then now is an excellent time to learn. Learning new skills helps to develop neuroplasticity which also helps promotes long-term brain health.

Treat Yourself Often

As you get older, it becomes more imperative that you enjoy your life—don’t underestimate the value of self-care. Pampering yourself from time to time is vital to maintaining good mental health. While self-care is about treating yourself, it’s also about developing healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise habits.

Your first self-care priority should be to make sure that you get proper nutrition and exercise. Those two things alone could bring drastic improvements to your physical and mental health.

You should also splurge on yourself from time to time. Websites like highlight new gadgets and other products that are particularly suitable for baby boomers. You’ll be surprised how much periodic shopping sprees can do to boost your mood and overall happiness.

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

The aging process is different for everyone, and it can have various effects on your psyche. It can be hard to feel like your complete self as your physical appearance changes and physical abilities decline.

Fears about aging can lead to anxiety disorders and depression. If you feel yourself facing those mental health issues, then you should do an online search for a psychotherapist who specializes in aging problems. Talking your personal issues over with a psychologist who understands aging and the pressures of the Big Apple will help you to maintain your mental well being.

If You’re Single, Put Yourself Back Out There

If you’re a single baby boomer, then the best thing to add spice up your life may be to start dating again. Sure, dating’s changed a lot since the “good ole days,” but it’s for the better.


Because of social media and online dating websites, it’s easier than ever to meet other single baby boomers. Furthermore, one of every ten online daters in the U.S. is a baby boomer! Put yourself back out there—there’s a baby boomer waiting for you.

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