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6 Reasons To Try the Wildgrain Monthly Subscription Box PLUS Save $30 On Your 1st BOX!

I am sure you have seen me post about the Wildgrain Monthly Subscription Box on a regular basis recently, as I am obsessed with it as it is the ‘must have’ subscription bread box for the kitchen! I am a foodie at heart and I especially love fresh breads, pastas and even pastries which is why I had to share this fabulous monthly subscription service with you all as it provides you with the most delicious of goodies to try. All of their products are made with simple, high-quality ingredients, giving you the benefits of clean food that tastes amazing and the variety of the items that you receive in your monthly box changes which makes receiving your new box fun and exciting. I am also super excited to share some amazing deals with you all that makes it the perfect time to give Wildgrain a try. Right now Wildgrain is offering new customers FREE Croissants for life in every Wildgrain Subscription Box PLUS if you order today… you can get $30 OFF of your first box which makes it the perfect time to give Wildgrain a try!


Let’s take a look at the Wildgrain Subscription Box and the 6 reasons you need to try it today.

Freezer To Table In 25 Minutes


Each and every item in the Wildgrain Subscription Box bakes in 25 minutes or less. Seriously….. you receive delicious loaves of sourdough that you literally just pop in the oven and bake in 25 minutes or less and the end result is delicious, crusty loaves of yummy piping hot bread that anyone will think you baked from scratch! The same is true for the pastries and the yummy fresh pastas.


Sourdough Benefits Without The Hard Work


Wildgrain’s clean sourdough ingredients and long fermentation process provide you and your family with health benefits that you will not find in the products purchased at the grocery store. Fermented is better for you for so many reasons that I will break down below…..

A sourdough bread starter is a fermented mixture of flour and water, which also contains colonies of bacteria and yeast. The yeast in sourdough starters are the wild relative os yeast used in commercial baking – hence the name Wildgrain!

The fermentation process used to make these sourdough breads provides so many unique health benefits….

*It digests the majority of gluten in the bread.

*It contains lactic acid, helping your body absorb more nutrients.

*It contains prebiotics, which keeps your gut biome healthy.

Free Delivery On Your Schedule


You have too much left from your last order or maybe you will be away??? Wildgrain makes it super easy to manage your subscription. Simply log in and skip an order at anytime and for any reason plus if you find that the subscription is not right for you, you can log in and cancel at anytime too.

Support The Best Small Bakeries In The Country


I absolutely LOVE that with my Wildgrain subscription, I am supporting small bakeries and small businesses. With the Wildgrain Subscription Box you will enjoy the very best from the top bakers and pasta makers in the United States all while supporting small businesses and responsible sourcing. All orders are shipped straight to your door in an eco-friendly box and with eco-friendly insulation.

2000+ 5 Star Reviews


I always check the reviews for a brand before I purchase anything……. especially if they are a new-to-me brand. For this reason I read those Wildgrain reviews before commiting to purchase and was blown away by all of the fabulous reviews.  If you go online and check out the Wildgrain reviews… you will see people talking up how much they love this subscription service, as I do, and there are TONS of glowing 5 star reviews which means you can rest assured that you and your family are gonna love this box of goodies plus Wildgrain ensures 100% satisfaction to each and every customer.

1 New Subscription = 6 Meals Donated

This is another thing that makes me feel good bout Wildgrain! For each and every new Wildgrain subscription, Wildgrain donates 6 meals to The Greater Boston Food Bank. This is something that you can feel good about when signing up for your first box, as a brand that gives back is a brand I can feel good about ordering from and supporting.

So what do you think of the Wildgrain Subscription Box? Do you loves fresh bread, Pastries and pastas like I do? Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for that foodie in your life or just want to enjoy the most delicious of breads, pastries and pastas delivered straight to your doorstep once a month? Wildgrain is the perfect fit for anyone and everyone as you get to enjoy the most delicious of items and you can pause and cancel the subscription at anytime. You also get to choose from two box options when you order your Wildgrain Monthly Subscription Box…… choose from a Mixed Box (sourdough breads, artisanal pastries & fresh pastas) or the Bakery Box (sourdough breads and artisanal pastries).

Right now… you can save $30 OFF of your 1st subscription box from Wildgrain which makes it a steal and the perfect time to try! Simply Go HERE at the checkout and receive $10 Off your 1st box PLUS you will also get FREE Croissants added to each and every box you order for the life of your subscription!

Take $30 OFF Your First Wildgrain Box !


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