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6 Great Places to Eat on a Trip to Glasgow

Glasgow is a great spot for the foodies among us. It’s got plenty of innovative food and great ingredients to boot. So, what should you eat and where should you go on a trip to Scotland’s foodie capital.

Tantrum Doughnuts

Tantrum doughnuts is a fantastic place to get exceptional pastries, those that you can obtain with natural blazes and textures. They use hibiscus and pistachios, and do so in a very balanced way and will even use highly addicting maple brown butter, custard, and rhubarb every time that they make these confectionery creations. You can also get patriotic flavors and those that are boozy, including those that use cheesecake, whiskey, and many other components. You can enjoy gingerbread and even blueberry jam crumbles. You can get a large box of them every day, whether you are stopping in, or if you are on the run, and share them with friends and family that will be very happy.

West End Pearls

West End is a great destination to visit if you are looking for an excuse to do a little bit of gourmet shopping near Byers Road. You could be going on a picnic, potentially near the botanical gardens, and you will find many outstanding stores that will have fine collections of things that you can choose from including woven baskets, ones that you can use when you are providing refreshments as it magically mushrooms into place. View deals of places to stay near to West End to make the most of your trip to Glasgow.

Milk Made

Similar to the namesake of the product itself which is located on Byers Road, George Mews Cheese is something that you are to try. You can take advantage of all of the unique flavours and products at this cheese gallery, along with many other products that you can enjoy. At the store, his nephew will be at the counter, allowing you to gain access to Isle of Mull cheddar and even products made from goat milk that will be great for virtually any meal. You can chat with people that are also going to talk about how dairy products in Britain are exceptional, plus you can also go to Kember and Jones, which is not that far away, to check out their artisan bread which is made with raisins, ride, and even sunflowers and more.

Meats en plaice

Since the 1890s, Rodgers butchers has been providing Lamb, beef, pork, and many game animals, offering the best that is in the industry. They also have housemaid products like pork pies, blood pudding, and also square sausages, plus you can also gain access to salt age meets that will delight. Next door, you will find what is called the Fish Plaice which will present the catch of the day which you will see in the window – which could be anything from brown crab to haddock, muscles, and of course salmon fillets which are obtained from the Scottish Highlands.

Anything goes

As you continue down the road, heading toward Byres and the Great western roads, you will find a parish church that will have a lunchtime theater. You can take advantage of this venue which presents many different plays throughout the week, which is why it is a great entertainment venue held at Oran Mor’s if you want to stop by. You can take advantage of the Scottish culture even more by trying out pork pie, along with a tankard available, and you will enjoy this whether or not you understand the Scottish Gaelic language.

Holy Grail

Adjacent to Oran Mor, you will find what many regards as Glasgow’s best. It offers Scottish cuisine in beautiful dining rooms, along with menus that you can read in order to obtain great food from Cail Bruich’s elegant establishment. You will also see a beverage list that will have something that you will want to try, including jump-starts and a tartelette of curried trout cream, along with buckwheat, caviar, and preserved lemon gel. There is also pesto, along with a garden herb salad with radishes – it is going to be extremely fresh and fragrant, reminding you of a summer day where it had just rained and someone had also just mowed the grass. You also have access to Perth Shire strawberries, Briny Loch Fyne Oysters, plus there is a menu that seems to have a remarkable amount of Japanese influence because of the shiso on the menu. 

You will see someone that will call to mind Amy Winehouse due to her appearance, telling you all about the different dishes that are available at this establishment, followed by someone that is much younger, perhaps a science nerd by appearance, telling you about the different beverages that will be made available. Additionally, you can take advantage of coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, and even what calls to mind Vegemite, combined with a Goosnargh duck with duck jus, apricot puree, and chanterelles. 

If you want to see what is happening behind the scenes in the kitchen area, you can schedule a time to sit at the counter to see what is happening. Overall, this is going to be a fantastic experience that you may rate as spectacular, as long as you do not take everything that happens too seriously – sort of like how you have to process being in Glasgow.

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