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5 Vacation Ideas for Water-Lovers

If you’re a water-lover, you probably plan all your vacations around beaches, lakes, or rivers. And you probably adore both the adventure and relaxation a body of water can give you. Let’s face it, the wet stuff is just good for the soul! But what if you’ve run out of ideas for new water adventures? Or what if you just know you haven’t explored all that you can? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a list of vacation ideas any water-lover is sure to enjoy. You may even want to add these ideas to your bucket list.

Explore a new beach

Did you know that in the US alone, there are more than 6,000 beaches? So, no matter how many you think you’ve visited, there’s likely no way you’ve seen them all. And there are so many things to do on the beach. Whether you like to play in the ocean or just relax by it, there’s something for everyone. Take for example, Coos Bay, Oregon. This quaint town is surrounded by beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. You can dine by the coast, stay beachside, and stroll on the beach. Now, that’s a site for shore eyes!

Learn to surf

Nothing says beach life like surfing. And this is one of those activities that’s just as fun to learn as it is to do proficiently. Some people who have enjoyed Kiteboarding lessons carribean tell me that they love surfing too. It’s also a great activity to do with your whole family or a group of friends. But not only is it fun, it’s also one of the best forms of exercise you can do. Surfing works your core, along with all your other muscle groups for a complete and intense workout.

You can book custom surfing lessons for your group before your trip. Of course, surfing is at its absolute best in Hawaii. But you can usually take lessons at most any beach.

Join in on some island fun

So many islands in the US are full of beach-going activities that anyone can participate in. take the Mackinac annual island events, for example. There is something fun to do all year long.

Visitors and locals alike can participate in events like races, festivals, and holiday events. Or if you took our advice about surf lessons in Hawaii, you can also learn to dance in a hula competition at a genuine luau.

Jump in a lake

Nobody said you couldn’t have just as much water fun in a lake as you could an ocean. Water skiing, fishing, jet skiing, and swimming are all popular lake activities. And they’re usually surrounded by campgrounds or parks your family can enjoy. Imagine roasting hot dogs by the campfire and rising early to catch your lunch. Places like Lake Lansing LAN150 also offer activities like volleyball, playgrounds, and rowboat rentals.

Sleep with the fishes

You can actually sleep underwater at an undersea hotel in the Maldives. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is over 16 feet below sea level. But you won’t forgo any luxuries. Of course, at $50,000 a night, you wouldn’t expect to! The villa has a gym, infinity pool, and a private bar to keep you entertained. Or you can make your way to the surface to tan on the deck. If you don’t want to sleep with the fishes but you would rather swim with them, then why not take a diving course at your own hotel. If this is something that sounds appealing to you, why don’t you check out the Liquid Dumaguete Resort in the Philippines for more information.

There are many theories as to why water has such a calming effect on us. But there’s no denying that it does. In fact, people who spend time in or near the water often experience a meditative state. It helps them release stress, think more creatively, and evoke positive emotions. And no matter how you enjoy the water — whether it’s surfing the waves or relaxing on the beach — you’re sure to reap its benefits the more often you go.


  • Dawn D.

    Great article, except for the sleeping with the fishies. Being surrounded by all that water, I could see myself waking up every 30 minutes to pee.

  • Judy Thomas

    Awesome ideas. We are spoilt in New Zealand as here in Northland we have a 10 to 30 minute drive to either coast and gorgeous beaches. We also have lovely lakes too. I love water holidays 🙂

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