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The Complete Guide To Dog Diarrhea Causes and Remedies

Being a pet parent means taking care of your companion’s health at all times by attentively noticing the signs that it’s demonstrating. In case your furry friend experiences unusual lethargy, nausea, and loose stool, it undoubtedly suffers from diarrhea. 

This medical condition is amazingly common in canines, being caused by an extensive variety of factors. In order to provide your beloved pet with a suitable treatment, it’s important to determine the cause, introduce a bland diet, and keep it hydrated. 

The following guide will introduce you to the main causes and most useful remedies for this medical condition. 

Common causes of diarrhea 

Diarrhea in canines can be caused by a variety of reasons, some of which are common digestive problems, while others might be indicators of severe diseases like cancer. One of the most common causes of this medical condition is a recent change in the diet of your furry companion. The digestive system of dogs requires a certain period to adapt to new ingredients unless these are gradually introduced in its meals. The following link,, includes useful tips about switching dog foods gradually.

Another frequent cause of diarrhea in canines is practicing bad eating habits. Considering the constant food craving of these creatures, it’s no wonder they end up eating spoiled food or even garbage, which is likely to result in digestive issues. Therefore, pet owners are supposed to prevent their canine companions from having bad dietary habits by avoiding to feed them with processed foods, unhealthy fats, and overly salty ingredients. 

Moreover, food intolerance is incredibly common in canines, often leading to diarrhea. Dogs tend to be hypersensitive to particular ingredients, which are high in gluten, lactose, and fat. It’s paramount to be familiar with the foods that your companion can’t tolerate to prevent potential health problems. By excluding those ingredients from its diet, you’ll be minimizing the risk of diarrhea and other medical conditions. 

Contracting parasites is a severe cause of diarrhea, as these intestinal worms most commonly result in serious digestive problems. Canines are most likely to contract such parasites when coming in contact with contaminated soil or water, particularly the ones with weak immune systems.

Furthermore, consuming poisonous substances is yet another frequent cause of this medical condition. Shortly after consuming a toxic substance, your pet is likely to experience loose stool, stomach pain, and vomiting. Make sure you view this page to learn more about the most common causes and symptoms of diarrhea in dogs. In order to prevent your pet from getting poisoned, it’s paramount to keep it away from laundry detergents, medications, chocolate, mushrooms, and other toxic substances.

Useful tips and remedies for stopping diarrhea

The primary thing to do when your beloved companion is showing diarrhea symptoms is not feeding him/ her for a period between twelve and twenty-four hours. Once the symptoms gradually disappear, you’re supposed to administer little sips of water every couple of hours.

When your pet is prepared to eat again, you’re expected to introduce a bland diet that won’t upset its digestive system. Similar to humans, canines need to consume bland food after experiencing digestive problems. Therefore, soups are considered to be the best choice of light food for an upset stomach. 

Additionally, pet owners are advised to prepare a bone broth for their beloved dogs, which they can make on their own or purchase from the store. Bone broth is excellent for providing the necessary hydration to your pet as well as soothing its upset stomach. When purchasing such a product, make sure it’s formulated for canines. 

Apart from feeding your dog with bone broth, you could feed it with the traditional chicken and white rice as well. This meal is believed to be incredibly beneficial in treating digestive issues as long as the meat and rice contain no additives. 

Finally, dog owners are also advised to introduce canned pumpkin and ginger into their canines’ bland diet. The former is effective for soothing your pet’s upset stomach, while the latter employs its anti-inflammatory properties to prevent nausea and bloating.

Bottom line

A well-balanced diet is crucial for stopping diarrhea in pets.

Choose the right foods! 

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