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5 Self-care Tips for Your Retirement

When you reach the end of a long (and hopefully fulfilling) career, your time suddenly becomes your own. While this is the ultimate aim for most people, it’s not unusual to experience a sense of loss when the time finally comes. You’ve been given the gift of time, but what should you do with it? Hopefully, you have spent plenty of time building your retirement funds, so that now you are free to do what you want. Most people start saving for their retirement very early in life, and then there are others who haven’t begun yet but plan to have a retirement that allows them to live life without heading to an office everyday. Websites like Pigly.Com can help you to work out what your funds are and what you can work with. Saving for your retirement should be a big part of your retirement self-care. Without those funds, you’re going to find yourself in trouble. Money may not be everything, but when you’re at an age where you aren’t able to work, or you cannot be picked for a job over the hundreds of younger, more able applicants, money is a big deal. If you don’t have a plan or goals to work towards, you may find yourself facing self-esteem or health issues, which are the last things you want seeping into your retirement years. To ensure that you continue to live a full and healthy life after your career, a daily routine, and a commitment to self-care is essential. There are many great resources out there that offer the keys to a happy retirement, and this is just my take on it.

Here are five self-care tips you should consider in your retirement.

1)Stay – or get – active

If exercise has always been part of your lifestyle, now is not the time to give it up. Maintaining a level of physical fitness is key to both your physical and mental wellbeing at any age, but as your body ages, it becomes even more crucial. If you have never been particularly active, try to incorporate some light activity into your day. It could be as little as a 30-minute walk each day, but it will make a big difference in your quality of life.

2)Nurture your relationships

One of the biggest benefits of finishing work is that we have more time to spend with our partner, family, and friends. Even if they are still working, you now have the flexibility to work your catch-ups to their schedule. Being social is a key part of human life, and it’s never too late to rebuild relationships which may have drifted away over the years.

3)Keep all your medical appointments

Many people have the attitude that if they have no illness or injury at the moment, there is no need to see a medical professional. In reality, we should all be attending regular check-ups to increase the likelihood that potential problems will be caught as early as possible. Don’t put up with small niggles or aches and pains when you don’t need to. Whether you need better fitting dentures Calgary, new glasses or are concerned about anything else, use the time you have to give yourself the TLC you deserve.

4)Give your brain a regular workout

To keep your brain functioning at its best you should be training and challenging it on a regular basis. This could be through online brain training games, Sudoku, reading novels, or even learning a new language or skill, but the point is that you don’t let your brain get rusty. The more you use your brain, the better it will function in your old age.

5)Relax your mind and body

Retirement does not necessary equal relaxation as many people still struggle to let go of worries and stress or are still putting the needs of others before their own such as partners, children, or grandchildren. While it’s important to invest in these relationships and support others as you want to, you also need to make time for yourself. Try to make time at least once a week to do something which is just for you and helps you to relax. It could be a bubble bath, a gym class, walking the dog or meeting a friend for coffee, or anything that makes you feel calm and happy.

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  • Piroska

    Thanks for the great tips! We can’t wait for retirement, to do all the things we didn’t have time for, before. Now that we got here, old habits keep up, and it seems we kind of get stuck.

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