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5 Reasons to Get Lasik Surgery

Wanting to get corrective Lasik eye surgery is a serious thing. Not everyone is suitable to have the surgery performed, but for many people, it can feel life-changing. In case you’re still undecided, here are 5 reasons to get Lasik surgery. 

Reason #1 – You’ll Feel More Confident

Whether you were previously just uncomfortable wearing glasses or you didn’t enjoy cleaning and slipping in yourcontacts every morning, getting laser eye surgery creates a whole new you. 

Not needing to wear glasses or fidget with contacts does away with much of the self-consciousness that’s associated with them. Everything from worrying about splashes in the swimming pool when on vacation to compromises like not wearing glasses to avoid sticking out (but losing your distance vision in the process) is no longer necessary.

Reason #2 – Value for Money

Instead of needing to get an eye test every couple of years and a change of glasses, you will no longer need to do so. Anoccasional eye checkup is called for to check for any eye diseases (as they do with eye exams when checking your vision), but that’s normal. 

Not needing to spend more every couple of years to upgrade your vision is a major cost-saving. This is one of the factors that make customers consider experts like Dr. Motwani at the Motwani Lasik Institute because it’s an investment in their future. One upfront expense, but then skipping many future years of glasses or contact lenses’ expenses is a good bargain. 

Certainly, affordable laser treatment makes it an easier decision to go ahead too. It’s no good if it breaks the bank just to get the laser treatment in the first place. 

Reason #3 – Removes Many Health Risks

While the health risks with wearing glasses are minimal, that’s not the case with contact lenses. For glasses wearers, a headache is probably the worst symptom of using them for too many hours each day.

However, for contact lens wearers, eye infection, eyes deprived of oxygen, overly dry eyes, and worse can result. Droplets to keep the eyes moist and regularly cleaning the lenses before adding them to the surface of the eye are necessary to try to reduce these risks. 

Reason #4 – Avoiding Travel Disasters

Being on vacation and losing or breaking your glasses or contact lenses is a major deal. Suddenly, you either cannot see things close-up, or your distance vision is affected. Reading a fun novel on the beach may become impossible. Protecting yourself from fast-moving traffic when crossing the road to reach the tourist attraction now carries an added risk too. 

Trying to organize a new set of contacts or a pair of glasses locally including booking an eye test and ordering what’s needed can require days or weeks to complete. This is less than ideal when your trip is only expected to last 7-10 days. 

Reason #5 – Quick Improvement to Vision

Unlike with other kinds of surgeries, laser surgery results are immediately obvious to the patient. Being able to appreciatethe visible improvement to your vision right away is extremely gratifying. At that point, the glasses and contacts are gone for good. 

While it’s natural that any surgery is cause to be a little cautious, Lasik surgery has been safely performed for decades now. With its longevity and track record of success, it’s a great eye care option for people who are fed up of wearing glasses or needing to put their contact lenses in again.


  • upstatemissy

    I have considered lasik, though I think it is too late for me as I now have trifocals. My teen plans to have it done when he is old enough. It has come such a long way and I wouldn’t even hesitate with the right doctor.

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