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5 Of the Most Iconic Dishes and Signature Foods of Salt Lake City

Majority relate foods like funeral potatoes, green jello or fry sauce with Salt Lake City, Utah but if you visit the state and its restaurants, pizzerias and bakeries, you’ll find few of the truest and most uniquely prepared and served delicious food items that the world doesn’t know of. If you are new to Salt Lake City or you are simply looking for some fabulous Utah Attractions to enjoy while in the area…you can open Google and search for the ‘best restaurants in downtown Salt Lake City’, to find the best bites in this beautiful city and state.

As every place has its own set of signature foods and iconic dishes, Utah is also not an exception. Scroll down to get an idea on the best dishes that you shouldn’t miss once you’re in Salt Lake City.

Fry Sauce

If you wish to know the history behind this sauce, it was the founder of restaurants in Arctic Circle who thought of creating this concoction way back in the 1950s and used it as a dip for French fries. Since 1950s, almost every restaurant in Utah has developed and made their own personal and unique version using mayonnaise, ketchup, spices and pickle relish. Though this fry sauce is extremely popular in SLC, yet you won’t get it much outside the city.

Crown Burger

There was a fast food chain named Crown Burgers which was established in 1978 and it was given a high rating due to being able to offer the best burger in the country. They had their famous Crown Burger was a quarter-pound bread that had toppings of lettuce, Thousand Island Dressing, onions, tomato, cured pastrami and cheese. You may find several other burgers in the menu right here but this meat-on-meat option is undoubtedly worth the hype.

Utah scones

When you’re in Utah, Salt Lake city, how can you miss their deep-fried dough that is covered with enough whipped honey butter? Utah scones are certainly one among the best treats and this Mexican sopaipilla usually take the size of dinner plates and you shouldn’t mistake these for English scones that are served with tea.

Navajo Tacos

Being influenced from Utah’s Novajo Indian tribe, Novajo tacos have lately become one of the most famous dishes all over the state. Rather than using a tortilla, the base of these tacos is actually made of fry bread. If you enter Black Sheep at Salt Lake City’s Epic Brewing features a taco that is piled with black bean chilli, juicy beef brisket, cream, cheese, onion, cilantro-lime rice, ranchero sauce and pinto beans.

Funeral Potatoes

Though this item may sound extremely morbid, funeral potatoes are definitely one of the most talked-about parts of the food culture of Salt Lake City. Garage on Beck, located in Salt Lake City revitalizes Funeral Potatoes as balls of cheddar cheese, potatoes, bacon, jalapeno dipped within cornflake crust.

So, if you’re all alone in Salt Lake City or in the state of Utah, you needn’t worry because now you’re aware of the most iconic dishes that you should watch out for. If you’ll like Funeral Potatoes, you should definitely check out Funeral Sandwiches as well. Enjoy exploring these new items – Bon appétit!


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