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5 Mistakes New Moms Should Avoid

Caring for a newborn is the hardest job in the world that does not come with a guideline or manual book. Moms must always learn on the job and adapt because each child is unique. Knowing that no parent is infallible and learning from your mistakes is the key to overcoming the daunting challenge of raising your bundle of joy. The following are some of the mistakes new moms make and how to avoid them.

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Superhuman mentality

Most new moms, especially first-timers, usually have a proprietary attitude towards their newborns. Such moms usually adopt a superhuman mentality and tend to believe that they can do everything on their own. From changing diapers to bathing the baby, such new moms tend to shut other people, including their loved ones and spouses, out. However, caring for a newborn is a daunting task that can drain mothers. Rope in support of your loved ones and give them instructions without being overbearing or overly critical. Sharing responsibilities will relieve pressure on new moms and ensure they are mentally and physically re-energized every day.

Relegating yourself to the backburner

Child care is only as successful as the care the new mom gets. New moms tend to over-prioritize their physical and mental well-being in the name of caring for their new bundle of joy. Pushing yourself to the back of the line is a depressing experience that may turn a joyful experience into a nightmare. Therefore, carve out time and space to pamper yourself. Engage in physical exercise as much as possible. Simple exercises such as in-house jumping on rebounders can help to replenish your energy reserves. Get in touch with your friends and create time for coffee dates, and take a snooze during the day when your baby is asleep.   

Making baby comparisons

Every parent always wants their newborn to be considered ‘normal.’ This is the reason why some new moms compare behaviors of their babies with other mothers, such as sleeping patterns and eating habits. In extreme cases, such moms may even try and have their kids follow these patterns and behaviors to the detriment of their babies. Comparing your kid to your friend’s baby is a sure way of stealing from your life as a new parent. Always understand that each child is unique. 

Going overboard with everything

Mothers are instinctively wired to love and would readily protect and care for their children. However, being overprotective and overly anxious about your new baby is problematic behavior. Additionally, going overboard when purchasing baby-related products will drain your pockets. Exercise caution and have a positive attitude when caring for your baby. 

Making assumptions

New moms may make assumptions on critical issues that may end up harming the baby. Assuming that your baby is happy when shaken or ignoring rashes may lead to serious health consequences, including Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

Raising a newborn is a joyful yet challenging experience that requires a healthy balance of caution and care. While there is no blueprint for caring for a baby, this article is a guide for moms and new moms on how to nurture their kids in an inclusive environment while also looking after their health.  

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  • Edna Williams

    Caring new moms make mistakes which is unavoidable, however, these tips are great! Thanks for sharing!

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