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6 Ways to Make Your Next Dinner Date Extra Special

Has date night with your love gotten a bit stale? Perhaps once, you painstakingly planned dinner and a movie. Now, your weekly celebrations resemble more of a casual Netflix and chill connection. How can you recreate the magic? 

Why not glam things up a bit by putting on the ritz? You don’t have to hit the Four Seasons — you can DIY at home with a few classy twists. Here are six ways to make your next dinner date extra special. 

1. Plan Multiple Courses 

If you and your sweetie are “Downtown Abbey” fans, why not plan a full Edwardian dinner consisting of ten courses from soup to nuts? Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot of food. The whole idea is to enjoy hours of leisurely dining interspersed with quality conversation and perhaps some snuggles. 

Start with the hors d’ouvres. Few things scream elegance like caviar. However, if you don’t fancy the taste of unadulterated fish eggs, try these creative canapes that moderate the flavor with creme fraiche, veggies and herbs. 

You can modify the courses any way you like to suit your lifestyle. It’s okay to replace the roast course with a vegan version or an extra fish course of grilled salmon if you and your sweetie are pescatarians. 

If you want to make your dinner date night extra special, consider tackling the prep work the day before. You’ll minimize mess and cleanup, leaving you more time after your meal for cuddling with your love. 

2. Keep It Delicious and Healthy 

Who says an indulgent meal has to equate to more hours in the gym or add another notch to your belt? You can enjoy an elegant dinner date while eating as healthy as you do during the week. 

For example, why not start your meal with one of these light and scrumptious summer salads if you plan on dining alfresco on your back porch? Are you visiting the shore this summer? Why not try clam digging with your love during the day and steaming your catch to start your meal? Seafood is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for heart and neurological health. 

If it’s winter where you are, why not start with a healthy soup course? Studies suggest that people who begin with a clear broth consume fewer calories overall. 

You have oodles of healthy options for your main course. A good rule of thumb is to look at your plate as a clock, filling half of it with fruits and vegetables. Reserve 15 minutes for starch and the remainder for lean proteins like chicken or fish. You can also find leaner beef and pork cuts if you run with the carnivorous set. 

3. Get in the Kitchen Together 

Maybe you and your beau end your week with date night, with one person cooking and the other handling cleanup. Why not mix things up a bit, working together to complete each step? 

You might have to get a bit creative if you have a tiny kitchen. Dedicate one counter to chopping, dicing and slicing, keeping the knife action as far from the hot oven as possible. 

Working side-by-side subtly changes your relationship dynamic. You may develop a deeper appreciation for what the other person does, especially if you typically take the same roles. You can also learn from each other — or have a blast attempting a new recipe regardless of how the finished product tastes. 

4. Change the Venue 

If you typically do date night at home to save money, you could get tired of the same old scenery. Why not pack a picnic basket and take your dinner date to the park? See if you can find a hillside that overlooks the sunset and take in the spectacular views while you dine. 

Even minor changes can make a significant difference. If you typically collapse on the couch with your plates, set the table. Turn off the television and talk to each other while you eat. 

Do you have a special spot with historical meaning for your relationship — maybe the rooftop where you first kissed? Why not plan a dinner date there to commemorate that anniversary? 

5. Dress the Part 

Remember when you and your sweetie first met? You spent forever in front of the mirror, ensuring your outfit and hair was just right. Why not step up your grooming game if you’ve stopped making an effort? 

You and your sweetie can go all out, dressing up as if you were headed to the most exclusive restaurant in town. Shower, brush your teeth and style your hair. You’ll instantly feel more attractive, which could get you in the mood for more intimate activities. 

6. Pour the Libations 

Finally, a cocktail or two can help you and your sweetie feel more amorous. Plus, a home dinner date means no DUI worries. Why not pick something subtly romantic, like a Kir Royale or a sweetheart cocktail

However, you can have an enjoyable time without alcohol. Why not investigate one of today’s new CBD-infused beverages for an interesting twist? They have reported health benefits and might help you enjoy the romantic mood. 

Ways to Make Your Next Dinner Date Extra Special 

If your date night has gotten a bit stale, it’s up to you to bring back the spark. How can you elevate your next event? 

Try the tips above to make your next dinner date extra special. You and your love can still save money by staying in while enjoying an exclusive, elegant experience. 

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