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5 Fun Ways to Get More Exercise Each Day

Daily exercise can massively improve your health and it also helps you maintain a healthy weight. It can be hard to get the motivation to exercise daily, as you may get bored of doing the same thing over and over again, so it’s worth switching it up and trying some different activities. If you do something fun and enjoy yourself while exercising or you are looking for the perfect killer exercises, you’re more likely to do it again the next day. Here are some activities that are good for you and that you might enjoy.


Hiking allows you to get out into nature and see the natural beauty close to your home. Best of all, hiking can burn hundreds of calories per hour, depending on your weight, the challenge of the hike and the size of backpack that you carry. It doesn’t take much to start hiking. Buy some decent boots and hit the easy trails near you to practice. In addition, you can find more hiking guides at

2)Horse Riding

Another activity that’s great fun for those who like the outdoors is horse riding. A horse ride is surprisingly hard work; it works a lot of muscle groups and burns calories, but is so much fun you might not even know you’re exercising. You can learn a few basic horsemanship skills, then go on group rides when you’re a beginner. Once your skills are strong enough, you can ride independently and enjoy longer trails on your own if you like. 


Dancing is another activity that can burn a lot of calories without too much notice. You don’t have to attend formal dance classes as there are lots of YouTube tutorials and fun dance-workout combinations such as Zumba where your technique doesn’t matter as much. However, it can also be a good hobby if you want to get into it more seriously and join a troupe that puts on shows.


Yoga may seem like a gentle workout, but daily sessions can have some amazing benefits which include:

*Building strength

*Improving flexibility

*Helping you relax and sleep better at night

*Increasing your range of motion

Yoga sessions can be incredibly relaxing, so they’re ideal for any time of day. Some people swear by an early morning yoga session to get them moving, while others like lunchtime or even pre-bedtime yoga.

5)Play Frisbee or Ball

Any exercise that’s social is more fun, and you don’t notice you’re working up a sweat until the end. Text some friends and meet them in the park, then toss a ball or Frisbee around for an hour. You could even learn to play ultimate Frisbee if you want to get competitive. By the end of your session, you will have had a great workout without feeling like you’ve put in too much effort.

Working out doesn’t have to mean hours on the treadmill while watching an iPad. There are many fun ways to get active, whether you love the outdoors, want to work out with friends, or prefer doing it in the comfort of your own home.

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