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Massage for Mental Wellness 

You may not have realized previously, but massage can actually have a great impact on your mental wellbeing. In fact, research shows that massage can increase serotonin and dopamine levels while reducing cortisol – ultimately making you feel happier and less stressed.  

With so many benefits to enjoy from massage, it’s no wonder why it is often used as an additional treatment for Depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions. It’s not just multiple massages that have a positive impact, either; many people enjoy improved mental wellbeing from just a single massage session.  

Massage for psychological health 

If you want to see how massage could help you with your psychological wellbeing, you can try your own Soothe massage at home. Alternatively, search for hertfordshire massage to find professional treatments available in your area.  

When taking a deep dive into how massage can impact psychological health, research has been done to monitor the brain’s activity with and without massage. When a person feels sad, the right side of the brain tends to be more active, while the left is active when you’re happier or doing something you enjoy.  

During a massage, brain scans show that the left side is more active while the right-side activity is reduced. Proving that massage can be beneficial for our psychological health.  

The healing magic of human touch 

There are a huge number of different massage treatments available, all with their own list of benefits. However, there is plenty of research to show that simply incorporating human touch into the treatment can help to boost serotonin and dopamine more so than when using other implements like wooden blocks or massage stones.  

Swedish massage, for example, uses long, balanced strokes which can reduce epinephrine levels and create a soothing, relaxing feeling.  

Even if you can’t afford to book in for a professional treatment, or perhaps don’t have the time, getting a partner or friend to give you a quick shoulder massage could do the trick.  

Increased power and energy 

Massage isn’t skin deep, either. Studies suggest the brain is hugely active and energetic throughout the whole treatment, and after. Treatments like deep tissue massage or sports massage often provides a power increase by improving blood circulation and water drainage deep within the muscles. 

How long should a massage for mental wellness be? 

There is very little evidence to suggest that the longer the massage, the better impact it has. When testing the difference between a 15 minute, and 25-minute massage, researchers found very little difference in how much stress and anxiety levels were reduced. So, if you can spare yourself 15 minutes at work for a quick scalp massage, you may just find yourself feeling more focused and energetic for the rest of your working day.  

When is the best time of day for a massage? 

Some people say the best time of day to have a massage is the early morning. It can create a great boost of focus and power – setting you up for a great day. Other people swear by having a massage in the evening to help them fall asleep.  

There’s no right or wrong time to have a massage, and you may want to treat yourself to several sessions at different times of day to see which suits you and your lifestyle more.  

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