5 Foods That Cause Inflammation

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Have you ever thought about the impact that the foods that you eat everyday have on your body? A lot of us don’t pay attention to this, but we really should! The food that we put into our body has a direct impact on how we look, feel, and how our body functions. Today we’ll take a look at five foods that are causing inflammation inside your body and what you can do to prevent this from happening.

1. Sugary Drinks

Too much added sugar in your diet can cause your body to become inflamed. One way to cut back on your sugar intake is to ditch the sugary drinks! They don’t help keep you feeling full and contain a shocking amount of refined sugar. Such excessive amounts of sugar will not only cause inflammation but will make you gain weight and lead to a range of additional health risks. Make the switch to a bottle of water and your body will thank you!

2. Processed Meats

Processed meat is often a favorite due to it’s taste and convenience, however these benefits come at a price. Processed meat has been known to cause inflammation because of the elevated levels of C-Reactive Protein as well as it’s potential to cause insulin resistance inside your body.

3. Processed Snacks

Whether you are near a vending machine, packing them in your kid’s lunches or sneaking one for yourself, it is too easy to reach for processed snacks. Make sure you take the time to read the label on your favorite packaged snacks. They may contain some ingredients that are known to cause inflammation in the body. Some of these include:

*High Sugar

*Saturated Fats

*Omega 6 Fatty Acids


*Gluten and Casein

For example, the pack of crackers you stuck in your child’s lunch may seem like a great pre-portioned snack for your afternoon hunger attack. However, when these snacks are packaged they are packed with preservatives and lose a lot of their health benefits. Try packing a handful of blueberries or cherries for both you and your child’s snack as a healthier alternative.

Another note about packaged snacks is that a lot of brands are coming out with”low calorie” pre-packaged snack options that are great for adults who are always on the go. This is a great idea but the truth is that a lot of these snacks are packed with artificial trans fats that are not good for you(and won’t help you lose weight!).

4. Excessive Carbohydrates

Everyone loves carbs, but too much of a good thing can do harm to your body.While your body does need some carbs to function, it’s easy to eat excessive amounts of carbs because they’re tasty, easy and form the foundation for many meals and cuisines.

The good news is that not all carbs are problematic if you are trying to cut down on high-inflammatory foods. For example, refined carbs are to blame for causing inflammation in the body. Unfortunately, refined carbs are can be found in popular foods we enjoy like bread and pasta. If you can incorporate unrefined carbs into your diet, they contain high amounts of fiber and are quite good for you! A few examples of foods high in unrefined carbs include whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, and nuts.

5. Trans Fats

We hear the word “fat” in our food and we cringe. However,”trans fats” are the worst kind of fats when it comes to health benefits and causing inflammation in the body. Trans fats can be sneakily disguised on ingredient labels as “partially hydrogenated oils”, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

It is important to note the difference between natural trans fats found in foods like meat and artificial trans fats found in unhealthy foods. Natural trans fats do not cause inflammation when consumed in the recommended amounts. Artificial trans fats, however, do cause inflammation and have also been linked to increased disease risk. With this being said, there are alternative routes to go down, like trying CBD Edibles, in the hopes of managing inflammation. If this is something new, it may be worth doing some research, just so there’s a better understanding of what goes on.

In the end, food that you are eating every day can be causing your body to become inflamed. Take these tips derived from the field of naturopathy to make healthy switches and start feeling better today.

Laura Davis is the owner of Vital Chi Wellness, a leading provider of natural therapies. Vital Chi Wellness offers an alternative therapeutic option to treat minor or chronic health conditions.


  • Paula Ball

    This is a good list & I so wish I could refine my diet. I have auto immune disease(crohns) & have had lots of inflammation problems but only diet that I can live with is low fiber/low residue. I live on breads, potatoes, rice, etc. Also by choice am vegetarian working towards vegan so even less choice.

  • MD Kennedy

    I was a skeptic about the link between carbs and inflammation until my husband started the Whole30 diet: no grains, bread. etc. Even after only 1 week, he feels so much better!

  • Lauryn R

    This is such a helpful post, thanks for sharing! I recently had a big change in my diet to help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. It helps so much!

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