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Prepare Your Graduate For Graduation Day with Labels from Name Bubbles PLUS Save 20%! #NameBubblesGrad

Do you have a child graduating this year? Are they having a Kindergarten Graduation, an Elementary School Graduation or maybe a High School Graduation? I have the perfect organizational tips for you to help with that graduation process and it all has to do with Name Bubbles labels. They have the most fabulous labels that are perfect for labeling those caps and gowns and anything else they my be using throughout their graduation ceremony and they stay in place through washings, dish washer cycles and so much more.

I do not know about you, but when my kids were little they would constantly loose things at school. Since their graduation ceremonies happen at school behind the scenes…… it is important to label everything that they will need for the graduation ceremony with labels from Name Bubbles, so that they so do not loose anything while they are practicing for the special moment. I find that this is especially important for the younger kids in Kindergarten and also Elementary School.

I am labeling everything, using the beautiful designs of labels from Name Bubbles, for my little Scarlet as she will be graduating from Kindergarten next year. I have already ordered some labels and have been using them to label her books, clothes and even some of her toys. I will pick the perfect labels for her before her graduation ceremony next year so that I can label the outfit that she wears to the ceremony plus also her gown and cap and anything else that she takes with her, so that nothing is lost. She cannot wait to get to school and I know she will love the graduation ceremony as well as she loves making friends and she loves to be the center of attention.

Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles

Now maybe you have a High School graduate. It does not hurt to label everything for them too, using Name Bubble labels. This way you can rest easy as everything is labeled and they will not lose anything while they hang out with their friends and also while they are practicing for the ceremony. This is super important as this way none of their items such as their cap and gown are mixed up with anyone else’s and I also appreciate that the labels make it easy for them to find their cap after throwing it at the end of the ceremony.

Name Bubbles

Once those high schoolers have graduated, Name Bubbles labels are a great way for your soon to be grad to keep their items organized and labeled so that they are not lost when going to college and staying in a dorm room. You can label their towels, sheets and pretty much anything they need to take to college so that they are not mixed up with their room mates or lost.

So what do you think of Name Bubbles and their fabulous line of labels that can be added to anything? The labels for clothes will stay on through wash after wash and the labels that can be put on dishes, cookware and more….. well…. they can go through wash cycles in the dishwasher too. Labels have come a long way since I was a kid and I have to admit that the labels available from Name Bubbles are the best. Seriously. Label your items once with Name Bubbles labels and you will know what items are yours and you will never lose items again!

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