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5 Design Tips for an Eco-Friendly Loft Conversion

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There’s no question about the fact that loft conversion comes with a lot of perks and if you want your loft converted, talking to companies similar to Loft & Sons Roofing could be an option for you. Not only that it adds more space to your home but it will also increase its value, should you ever sell it. On the downside, however, a loft conversion can have a great impact on the environment. From the building materials to the increased energy bills, these types of home projects can take their tolls on Mother Nature. Also keep in mind that certain states require building permit before beginning any work, so make sure you check out your areas laws on doing any type of additions or improvements to your home.

Here are five simple ways you can stop that from happening.

1. Natural Insulation

One absolute must when it comes to making your home eco-friendly is to start with building materials like natural insulation. Instead of using the same old polystyrene, you can go for something much more environmentally friendly such as sheep’s wool. Not only that it will reduce your energy cost, but your carbon footprint will also diminish.

Natural insulation materials are easy to find, and the process is not any more complicated than the regular one. If you wanted more reference on how the regular process works check out this step by step guide.

2. Recycled and Sustainable Source Materials

It should go without saying that if you want to make your loft conversion eco-friendly, then you should pay close attention to the materials you will use. Most designs will probably require you to use different types of woods and timber, such as hardwood, teak or hemlock. But, since wood can have a high impact on the environment, you want to make sure you choose sustainable sources. Whether you do it yourself or you choose to work with a company such as houseup.co.uk that can help get the job done for you…. make sure you look into where the materials come from before purchasing them.

3. Sustainable Decoration

Building materials are not the only ones that you can choose on an environmentally friendly principle. Decoration can also be done through the wise use of sustainable materials. For example, when it comes to painting, you can easily opt for an eco-paint or a non-toxic one. If you prefer papering the walls, then you can choose recycled wallpapers. There are also many options to choose from in terms of wallpapers made out of natural materials, such as vegetable fiber.

4. Solar Power

Solar power is all the rage nowadays and for very solid reasons. It is highly efficient when it comes to minimizing your carbon footprints and keeping your energy bills low.

If the initial investment scares you off, then you should try to understand that it will pay in the long term. Not to mention you can even apply for governmental support and get some help with the expenses.

5. Recycled Furniture and Decorations

Don’t to run to the nearest furniture store once your loft conversion is over. Instead, go to yard sales and look for recycled furniture and decorations. You might be surprised by the variety of items you can find in great condition and at affordable prices. Charity warehouses can also be an amazing choice for both the environment and their social causes, so make sure to check them too.

If you are into crafting projects, you will enjoy upcycling old furniture you had around the house and turn them into unique pieces. Of course, there may always be old bits of furniture or waste from the decorating that you cannot upcycle or keep for anything else, so you’ll need to get rid somehow, and a skip is usually the most simple way. If you’re saying to yourself “How much is a skip?” then Red Skip Hire could probably help you out.

With these five ideas in mind, you will make your new extended loft a lovely, eco-friendly space for your family to enjoy. Make sure you spread the word around and let people know how easy it is to mix eco-friendly values with comfort and great design.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This loft looks great. I love how you not only saved money but it was all eco friendly. Thank you so much for sharing

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