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4 Vacation Ideas to Give Your Kids a Taste Of Adventure


When you first have kids, one of the things you are most excited about is to take them on a family vacation once they are old enough. But, while Disneyland and beachside destinations are always fun, there is so much more that you and your family can do. If you’re someone who has always loved traveling and wants to instill the same attitudes and curiosity in your kids, here are four vacation ideas that will give them a taste of adventure. 

Feel The Chill 

Visiting sub-zero climates may not be high on everyone’s list, but ditching tropical destinations for the tundra can provide a highly unique and everlasting experience. 

Whether you visit Iceland to check out the Northern Lights, go on a ski trip to one of the many resorts across North America and Europe, or even test your nomadic skills by investing in kits for ice fishing, you can prove to your kids that adventure is about much more than beaches and ancient monuments. 

Live Next to Wildlife

No matter where you live, it’s unlikely you get much of a front-row seat to even the most common wildlife in your area, let alone the vast diversity of animals of all shapes and sizes worldwide. 

Places such as the Galapagos and Sri Lanka can give your family the front-row seat with hostels, hotels, and private rooms planted deep in the wilderness. These are often run by wildlife conservationists, which will also give your kids an education on how to care for the environment, which benefits everybody. 

Give Something Back

Anyone who has traveled understands how privileged they are to do so, and this is what drives many people to give back to communities all over the world who aren’t as fortunate as they are. 

Volunteering is a fantastic way to do this. You and your family can build schools or even teach English in small villages across the world. Even for short-term volunteering over the school holidays, it’s a fantastic way to give your kids a new perspective on life and help them to appreciate the world more. 

Go Your Own Way

Sometimes, you don’t want to plan every step of your vacation, especially if you’ve got plenty of time to decide what to do next. Regimental vacations are ideal during the school holidays, but if you find that you have enough spare time to see as much as you can, roll a dice and see where you can go. 

From road trips to backpacking through hostels, the more you squeeze from your adventure, the more diverse your experience will be. You can see many cultures and all without worrying about getting from A to B on time. 

The Next Adventure Awaits

There are so many things to do all over the world that it is impossible to see it all. While this is bittersweet, you still have the opportunity to see as much as you can, and with this, you can give your kids the taste for adventure that will inspire them to follow in your footsteps and see as much of the world as you did, and perhaps even more. 

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