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4 Things to Know When Adopting An Older Pet

Wherever you look, you’ll find tips for new dog owners, but these often focus just on puppies, while those purchasing kittens or baby rabbits and other furry (or scaly or feathery) friends can also find plenty of information. These are not the only animals you can bring into your home, though. In many cases, visiting shelters and adopting an older pet is just as fulfilling, and it can transform your life in a unique way. If you want to adopt an older pet, here are four things you need to know. 

They Don’t Require As Much Training 

Although older pets, especially dogs, still require some training, you won’t need to go through the common training programs that puppies and other young animals do. This means you shouldn’t need to house train them, which is ideal if you have carpets, and their recall and patience around other animals should be easier to manage.

The reduced amount of training is suitable if you have kids who want to look after the dog. As much as the kids will love and care for them, they may not have the responsibility required to train the pet correctly. An older dog or cat will not bring too many issues to the table, so everyone can keep them under control. 

They May Have Health Issues 

There are some negatives to adopting an older pet. The most common issue is health problems. Like humans, the older pets get, the more prone they are to health issues, including bad eyesight and mobility problems. 

These health issues make pet insurance crucial. You don’t want to spend a fortune to treat your pet regularly or buy prescriptions, so a pet insurance policy for old animals can soften the blow and help you keep them healthy for as long as possible. 

You Can Learn About Their Personality Quickly 

Anyone who has ever bought a puppy knows that it takes some time to get to know them as their personality develops over the first few months. It’s fun to watch them grow, but it can also come with behavioral problems, which may not be what you’re looking for. 

Adopting an older pet helps you avoid this. Shelters have plenty of information about the animal, which you can use to gauge whether they would be a good fit for your household. 

They May Be Nervous Around New People 

Despite this, many old animals are in shelters for a reason. It could be that their old owner abandoned them or abused them, which can make them nervous around new people. This could cause problems when taking them for walks or introducing them to your home. You can find effective ways to treat anxiety in your old pet to keep them calm and help them settle into their new environment. 

New Tricks 

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that isn’t always true. It doesn’t even need to be a dog, either. There are many older animals for you to welcome into your home and make a beloved family member. With these tips, you can guarantee them the best life they deserve, and they will adore you for it.

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