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Easy Ways to Tone Up

Life is hard and we are all busier than ever, so it can often feel like we don’t have the time to hit the gym and get toned up, but that might not be the case.

There are actually lots of things you can do to tone up and start looking your best that do not take a huge amount of time and effort, as you will see below.

Mix up your workouts

If you do the same workouts every time you exercise then you will tone up some parts of your body while others remain less sculpted than you would like. By switching it up and doing lots of different workouts from yoga to running, you can tone up more of your body in the same amount of time you usually have dedicated for exercise.

Eat more protein

Eating more protein and lowering your carb intake is a really easy way to get more toned because protein helps to build muscle and the more muscle you have the more toned you will look, whereas carbs are more likely to turn to fat if they are not all burned up by your body.


If you take a look at the Element Body Lab – Dallas CoolSculpting Experts website you will see that coolsculpting is a safe and effective technique that freezes fat on the body enabling you to tone up and sculpt your body faster than just about anything you can think of. If you’re short on time and you are looking for a way to get that toned look fast, it is a good option, so bear it in mind.

Sit on an exercise ball

If it’s toned abs you’re after but you don’t want to spend hours sculpting them in the gym, buy an exercise ball and sit on it when you’re working, watching TV, reading or whatever, and it will force you to work those ab muscles more effectively in order to stay upright. You really can tone up while you’re sitting down!

Stop dieting

Okay, so you won’t look toned if you are overweight and have a lot of excess fat on your body, but starving yourself won’t help you to tone up either., Your body needs to be able to metabolize and build muscle in order to get toned, and this means eating lots of small healthy meals throughout the day – 5 or 6 smaller meals should be enough to get you in the toning up zone.

Put your feet up

When you are tired and stressed your body releases a huge amount of cortisol which means your body is more likely to lay down fat stores. By taking the time to sit down relax and maybe meditate before getting a good night’s sleep, you can tone up much faster.

As you can see, if you dream of toning up, then you don’t actually need a huge amount of time or have to put in a huge amount of effort in order to do so, which is good news, right?