4 New Years’ Gift Ideas for Mums & Wives

The beginning of the new year is a great time to continue giving gifts in the spirit of the holiday season. In fact, in some cultures, there are additional holidays in early January, such as Dia de Los Reyes on January 6th. Whether you’re planning on giving your mum or wife a gift on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, or at some surprising moment thereafter, here are four quick gift ideas that might provide some inspiration:

1. Original Crown Rings 

While these aren’t exactly budget-friendly options, it’s hard to match the elegance of the original crown rings from Annoushka. If you’re looking for a premium gift that won’t be forgotten, a double diamond crown ring would easily have to rank at the top spot for possessing that kind memorability. This collection is known for having some of the most genuine and authentic original crown ring designs. 

2. Custom Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs might seem cliché, but they can still reliably impress and satisfy most mothers and wives on New Year’s morning, especially if you choose one that tastefully incorporates humour. Of course, you can also boost the nostalgia and sentimental value of a simple coffee mug by adding family names or nicknames and photo portraits or familiar quotes. A mug makes for a great surprise item because she’ll awaken to a cup of coffee or tea in a brand new mug that she’s never seen before. It might even take a moment for her to notice that’s a new mug, but when she does her face is sure to light up as warm as the coffee itself. 

3. A Pair of Slippers

Every housewife or busy mum can appreciate an extra comfortable pair of slippers. These items are relatively inexpensive, but they provide a ton of value considering how often they’ll be used. Since slippers wear down, replacing old pairs with a brand new pair for the new year might be just what she didn’t know she needed. 

4. Matching Jewellery 

Matching jewellery is always a smart gift idea during the holidays. You could go with matching bracelets or necklaces. Likewise, you could have custom pendants made for existing jewellery. There are many ways to make two different kinds of jewellery match or carry a similar theme, whether you use a familiar logo, word, pendant, or just the nicknames that you have for each other. Plus, many couples’ jewellery ideas can also be applied to family relationships. 

Ask Her Without Actually Asking Her 

One interesting way to gain some insight into what kind of gift she might want is to ask her about gift ideas for her mum or another family member. For example, if you’re shopping for a gift for your wife, then you could ask her what you should get for her mum as a New Year’s gift. This might give you a clue as to what she thinks would be a good gift and you could come up with something nice from there. 

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