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3 Reasons To Switch to MUD/WTR

Imagine this: the world has just run out of coffee. For most of us, that would feel like the end of the world, which shouldn’t be too surprising. According to the National Coffee Association, there are over 1 billion coffee drinkers in the world. For that reason, many of us are not necessarily open to the suggestion that we should drink less coffee or alter our habits, not even if it’s for our own benefit. 

Luckily for us skeptics, there are some coffee drinkers brave enough to take the first sip and have discovered a natural and benefit-rich alternative to coffee – MUD/WTR. At first, making any type of switch to a non-coffee drink may seem impossible (and not worth it), but there are over 9,500 Mud Wtr reviews strongly urging the coffee drinkers of the world to sit down the cup. 

Ditch the Caffeine Dependency

One of the worst things about being a coffee drinker is the dependence on caffeine, which we know to be the most widely used drug in the world. We trick our bodies into believing that we can’t function in the morning without our first cup of coffee. It is this misconception that has made us rely way too much on the java, no matter how ineffective a caffeine rush and afternoon energy crash have proven to be. 

MUD/WTR contains only 1/7th caffeine and is based with masala chai, a natural sweetener. One reviewer and now believer, Tiffany Tse, explains how she didn’t even experience headaches or feelings of caffeine withdrawal when switching to MUD/WTR. Instead, she spoke only of the benefits, “I began noticing an unmistakable shift in my mood, acuity, and sleeping patterns.”

Ditching the dependency on caffeine is a huge benefit of switching to MUD/WTR. Here are some others. 

Reap the Benefits of MUD/WTR

MUD/WTR users highlight the flavorful combination of ingredients which made the switch from coffee easier on their palette. Although the thicker texture may take a little getting used to at first, the flavor is colorful and packed with healthy benefits. 

This product is a super-charged powder that is loaded with turmeric, curcumin, lion’s mane, reishi and adaptogenic mushrooms (not those ones) – all with proven health benefits. Everyone is spending extra money and time adding these ingredients to their smoothies because we know they make us feel good. Now, you can just pour yourself a cup of MUD/WTR.

But, how does it taste? The mix of black tea and fragrant spices; cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, make MUD/WTR a perfect earthy flavor. Simply put, MUD/WTR is a solid way to support your daily body functions with a natural blend of ingredients that promote focus, memory, natural energy, and a healthy immune system. 

Can your coffee do that?

Look Beyond the Coffee Cup

Coffee drinkers everywhere look for ways to be more earth-friendly and sustainable. With MUD/WTR, not only are there benefits for you, but the globe as well. MUD/WTR’s ingredients are sourced from around the world. They even offer plant based, sugar-free powder to make the transition from traditional coffee a little sweeter.

MUD/WTR is perfect for struggling coffee drinkers who long for a vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO option. It’s even kosher! Not only does MUD/WTR appeal to the strictest of diets, this perfect little powder is so adaptable. You can drink it like a normal cup of “coffee”, blend it into a smoothie, or bake it into a granola bar or cookie! 

Beyond the health and earth benefits, MUD/WTR reaches beyond the cup with generous philanthropic endeavors. The nonprofit, The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) receives a percentage of MUD/WTR’s earnings. The organization researches drugs that may make strides and revolutionize mental healthcare. 

A world without coffee seems very unlikely. Perhaps that is due to a lack of options – until now. Or maybe it is because old habits die hard, and as coffee drinkers many of us do have a dependence, whether we want to admit it or not. 

MUD/WTR may be the first contender to replace coffee, but convincing loyal coffee drinkers to make a switch may be easier said than done. Despite the overwhelming evidence of benefits to switching to a coffee alternative people will still be skeptical. 

However, it is hard to ignore the growing number of MUD/WTR believers who swear they have never felt better since making the switch. These users report better sleep patterns, more focus, and so much more! 

Ditching the caffeine dependency, reaping the health benefits, and seeing the possibilities of a future beyond coffee, are only a few of the reasons to switch to MUD/WTR. Are you and your coffee up to the challenge?