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12 Best Breakfast Foods to Pair with Coffee

Coffee is a morning staple for people around the world and if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re one of them. While a cup can certainly be a great way to start the day, it’s also important to have a meal in the morning discovering breakfast food with coffee pairings is a smart idea. To fuel your day and your body, check out the best food to pair with coffee below.


Can you really beat the French classic? Ever since the first Frenchman (or woman) dipped their croissant into their bowl of coffee, it’s been a traditional breakfast in France. Yes, they tend to drink coffee from a bowl at home. If you’ve never tried it, do and savor the flavor of the deliciously buttery pastry with the creamy coffee.


Muffins don’t have anywhere near the historic relationship that croissant has with coffee, but it’s fast become a modern tradition. Bite into a fluffy muffin and sip on hot coffee and you can recreate that coffee experience in your own home. Double chocolate chip or blueberry – whatever takes your fancy.

Danish Pastry

Cinnamon swirls, pecan and walnut plait, apple and raspberry crowns … all were made to perfectly pair with whatever your favorite coffee blend is.

Coffee Cake

The name itself implies that this is a great item to enjoy with your morning cup of joe if you like to start your day off with something sweet. coffee cake comes in a variety of tasty flavors and varieties and you can sneak some nutrients into your morning by choosing options that contain fruit or nuts. Just keep in mind that coffee cake can also be quite high in sugar, especially if chocolate is involved, so keep your portions moderate to prevent overdoing it.


Savory foods also have a place alongside your freshly ground coffee beans in the morning. The saltiness of the bacon complements the bitter flavor of your coffee but also pairs well if you add cream and sugar to your brew. Add an egg or a piece of fruit and you have a morning meal that’s ideal for getting the day off to a good start.

Scrambled Eggs

Speaking of eggs, they’re also an outstanding breakfast food to pair with your coffee. Plain scrambled eggs with just a dash of salt and pepper are delicious, but if you have more time, think about adding some diced veggies or cheese to really give your coffee something to work with.

Smoked Salmon

The bold, salty taste of smoked salmon is the perfect accompaniment to your morning brew. Put a couple of slices of smoked salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese and capers and you’ll have a well-rounded morning meal to get the day going right. The great thing about smoked salmon is that it also pairs well with tea. So if you enjoy both tea and coffee, stock your fridge with smoked salmon.

Fresh Berries

Fruit is a tasty addition to your morning meal and is a delicious pairing with your coffee. That’s because they add a quick dose of sweetness to counteract the bitter flavor of your brew. They’re also packed with important nutrients for good health so toss them into your oatmeal or cereal in the morning.


Nothing says morning more than a piece of toast and it turns out that if you’re a coffee drinker, you have a perfect pairing just waiting for you. No matter what your favorite kind of bread happens to be – white, wheat or rye – it’s fast and easy to prepare a couple of slices when you wake up and nibble on them while you drink your morning cup of joe. A little bit of butter on the hot bread and you’re ready to go. Add Marmite, cheese spread, jam, or marmalade for a treat.


You might not immediately think of scones for breakfast, but once you’ve had them with coffee, you’ll see how versatile they are. Both fruity and plain scones are delicious with hot and freshly ground coffee beans so give it a try. Wondering where to find the perfect coffee or tea for your scones? Check out an online tea and coffee shop for all the choices you can imagine.


Weekend mornings were made for hot pancakes and hot coffee. The two pair so well together that you’ll find them on diner menus around the world. Much like muffins and scones, there are loads of ways to make pancakes, so mix and match ingredients to find what you think tastes best with your favorite coffee type. Try adding fruit or nuts to the batter, topping the pancakes with nut butter or flavored syrup, or just about anything your heart desires.


If you want to try something new for breakfast, crepes are fairly easy to make and taste great with coffee. Of course, they’re also easy to order in a restaurant if you plan to dine out in the morning. Crepes can be made both sweet and savory so you can get a taste of whatever you like for breakfast.

Breakfast wouldn’t be the same without coffee, but since you have to eat, it makes sense to choose something that complements the taste of your brew. Have fun mixing and matching to find what you love best.

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