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11 Perfect Gifts For Those Cat Lovers In Your Life

This is a collaboration between Deliciously Savvy & Responsival and all opinions and suggestions are all my own. I hope you enjoy!

I am not sure about you, but I am a cat lover and am obsessed with my cat Shadow and honestly all things cats. My little guy just recently was diagnosed with Diabetes and is doing well with his new diet and medications but to be honest the experience of him not feeling well and not being himself prior to the diagnosis made me realize how much I do love this little guy. This love or obsession is why I wanted to share a list of gift ideas that are perfect for anyone that you know like myself… that loves their cat or cats and maybe even a little obsessively so. Cats are super smart and very independent which I love and below are some of my favorite gifts for people like myself. I just gifted my mom a few of them for Christmas and she loves them so I know they are the most perfect of choices. Let’s take a look at my favorites……

A Custom Pet Portrait

Mr & Mrs Paws Custo Pet Portrait

I would have thought having a custom pet portrait made of using an image of my cat would be super expensive but I found an online site that does it beautifully and without breaking the bank. Their pieces are true masterpieces and I got my mom one of these using a picture of her cat and she could not believe how cool it came out. She called me on Christmas after opening the gift and could not stop talking about how much she loves it. It truly makes the perfect custom cat gift for anyone on your gift giving list and I am going to get one made of my cat and my dog next. You can even have multiple pets on a portrait which is fun too!

Sterling Silver Jewelry Cat On Moon Pendant Necklace

Cat Necklace ~ Sterling Silver

This beautiful sterling cat pendant necklace is one I could wear everyday. It is perfect with jeans and a white t-shirt or sweater…. or honestly anything that you throw its way. This is perfect for gals of all ages too and this is another gift that I got my mom this Christmas. So pretty and she loves wearing it.

Mini Cat Glasses Analog Quartz Watch

Cat Watch

This piece is everything and if I got this as a gift… I would be blown away for sure. It is the most adorable time piece that I can style with any outfit I throw its way and I have already added this one to my wish list. My mom would love his one so much so I am keeping this one in mind for her upcoming Birthday!

The Original Kit Cat Klock

Kit Cat Klock

Personally I have always wanted one of these and when I saw that they have them available on Amazon a few weeks ago… I knew that the Original Kit Cat Klock was a fabulous gift idea for cat lovers! I am also making sure to snag this for my mom this year to use as one of her many gifts. I owe her everything as far as I am concerned so I know she will go wild for one of these too as she told me years ago how her parents used to have one when she was a kid.

Cat Socks

Cat Socks

There are so many fabulous styles, colors and designs of cat socks that are perfect for that cat lover in your life. These are so cute and will look fabulous when wearing with a pair of loafers and shoes and your recipient will smile every time they look down on them!

Cat Coasters

Cat Coasters

I actually love collecting coaster sets so when I stumbled upon these beautiful wool-felt cat coasters… I knew that they were the perfect cat gift to add to my list here. Who cannot use a set of coasters and if they are a cat lover… these are perfection and they are one of a kind too being handmade! So pretty and functional as they are super absorbent too.

Cat Paper Towel Holder

Cat Paper Towel Holder

This cat paper towel holder in a gold finish is so cool. It is handmade which is everything to me and it is perfect for not only using to hold a roll of paper towels but also if you choose… to put a few rolls of toilet paper on and use it in the bathroom instead. It is incredibly detailed with the brushed metal design and it is perfection for any cat lover in your life.

Cat Post-It-Note Holder

Cat Post-It-Note-Dispenser

This is one that is perfect for my home office! I know a few cat lovers that have their own home offices and they will definitely want this on their desk. It adds that perfect pop of color and style to your space plus with it being fun and whimsical it will make you smile too. Heck… my mom would love it on her desk too so I may have to make a cat lovers basket for her birthday and add this one to the mix as well. So much fun and an adorable way to keep those post-it-notes flowing… such a cutie!

Sharp Dressed Cat Oven Mitt & Potholder Set

Cat Potholder & Over Mitt Set

I am in love with this pot holder set and you can find so many unique gifts on Etsy which is where this is from. Your cat lover will not find these anywhere else and they will for sure love the fun print with all of the various cats pictured throughout dressed to impress with the fun vibrant colors of their outfits. Set comes with the Potholder and an Oven Mitt and is so cute and fun.

Cat Shaped Watering Globes

I absolutely love these and am ordering a set for myself and also for my mom. These will be perfect for her this June for her birthday. My mom has always had a green thumb and loves her plants and these are so cute and are the perfect way to ensure her plants are properly watered at all times. I love their handblown design and those little cute cat heads are everything!

Cat Lady Subscription Box

Cat Lady Subscription Box

If you want to gift that cat lover on your gift giving list the gift that keeps on giving….. there is even a Cat Lady Subscription Box that is loaded for both the cat lover and their cat! It comes with toys for the feline and goodies for the cat lover like a T-shirt, Mug and more. You can order one box or order several so they get a new one every now and then and that is something that I love. It’s like a regular gift in the mail.

Shadow the Cat

So what do you think of this list off super cool gifts that are perfection for any cat lover in your life?! I am absolutely loving them and my Cat Shadow will too so make sure to check out these and more. You can find tons of cat lover gift ideas on Amazon, Etsy and so much more.