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10 Creative Meal Prep Ideas for Your Breakfast This Week

You’ve got so much to do in the mornings that cooking breakfast probably seems like a waste of time. Make sure you and your loved ones never skip a hearty morning meal by making these creative meal prep ideas for your breakfast this week. Preparing a big batch of one or two recipes will ensure a delicious breakfast for everyone even when life gets busy. 

1. Breakfast Burritos 

Whether you live by yourself, with a partner, or with a large family, breakfast burritos are a great meal prep idea. You can fill them with ground sausage, veggies, and eggs before asking each family member what they want in their burrito. Add their personalized ingredients and store them in freezer bags labeled with each person’s name. They’ll be ready to warm up in the oven or microwave whenever everyone gets hungry in the mornings. 

2. Bagel Boxes 

You can also ensure a custom breakfast for picky eaters by making bagel boxes. Toast one bagel per Tupperware container and add healthy sides like peanut butter, fruit, or cheese. Yogurt parfaits and granola are other options alongside hardboiled eggs and grapes. Ask everyone what they want in their box to create labeled meals that last the whole week. 

3. Scrambled Eggs 

Scrambled eggs are a versatile meal prep idea for your breakfast this week. Estimate how many eggs each person would typically eat and scramble them all at once. You can throw them into wraps, burritos, and casseroles for a filling protein base. They’re also easy to personalize with toppings like cheese, bacon, veggies, or spices for family members who want a heartier breakfast. 

4. Cheesy Spinach Quesadillas 

You won’t have to worry about getting hungry before lunch if you eat extra fiber with your breakfast. Cheesy spinach quesadillas solve that problem. Spinach is high in fiber, while cheese has plenty of satisfying healthy fats. Make quesadillas for everyone to enjoy each morning and stick them in the freezer. Everyone can pull them out and pop them in your toaster oven or microwave to make breakfast in just a few minutes throughout the week. 

5. Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins 

Chocolate makes everything better, especially for night owls with a sweet tooth. Chocolate chip protein muffins will satisfy your whole family. Make two big batches and you’re ready for the week! Stock up on essentials like peanut butter, protein powder, almond flour, and applesauce to make a healthy version of your favorite breakfast pastry. These muffins store best in the fridge and stay fresh in the freezer if you want to stretch your baking session into two or three weeks’ worth of meals. 

6. Sweet Potato Casserole 

Whole foods are about to become your next favorite thing for breakfast. You’re only a few minutes away from popping a sweet potato breakfast casserole in the oven. It’s a recipe packed full of seasoned flavors, eggs, and veggies. Freeze individual pieces or save them in portioned containers to have breakfast ready to go whenever you get hungry in the morning. 

7. Breakfast Tacos 

If your loved ones can’t get enough Mexican food, they’ll love breakfast tacos. You’ll also love how easy they are to meal prep. Get one to two tortillas per family member and fill them with avocados, refried beans, eggs, and whatever toppings your loved ones want. 

The filled taco shells can wait in containers in the fridge pre-assembled, but you can also leave the combined toppings in labeled containers and put the tortillas in airtight bags. Your family members will have the option to fill them fresh in the morning if you’re worried about the ingredients making the tortillas soggy. 

8. Blueberry Baked Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is a great breakfast option because it provides natural fiber and healthy carbs. Making it on the stove every morning is a pain, so bake blueberry oatmeal in a casserole dish once a week. 

Egg whites and your preferred sweetener pull the oats together before mixing in fresh or frozen blueberries. The remaining ingredients create a savory casserole that anyone can cut into slices. Top your piece with Greek yogurt for extra protein or warm it up in the microwave to eat a delicious slice alongside your morning coffee or tea. 

9. Whole-Wheat Pancakes 

Whole wheat is an important breakfast ingredient because it has a few key benefits. It grounds your blood sugar, which prevents intense cravings shortly after you eat. It also takes longer for your digestive system to break it down. Your breakfast stays in your stomach for an extra hour or two, so you’re not hungry after leaving the house. 

Make whole-wheat pancakes with all of your family’s favorite ingredients and they’ll stay fresh throughout the week. You can also freeze them with a piece of freezer paper between each pancake so everyone can get the portion size they need whenever they’re ready to eat. 

10. Smoothie Freezer Packs 

Some people don’t have the time for a big meal every morning. Smoothies are a great way to include those people in your meal prepping routine. Chop fruit and save them in freezer bags to make recipes like caramel apple and kiwi kale smoothies. Your family members can throw the ingredients in a blender with their preferred liquid base and protein powder to get a healthy breakfast ready in less than a minute. 

Fruit also remains fresh in the freezer for a few months. Stock up on plenty of smoothie bags and you’ll have weeks’ worth of meals waiting for whoever’s hungry in the morning. 

Make Creative Breakfasts This Week 

Now that you’ve read a few creative meal prep ideas for your breakfast this week, think about what sounds delicious to you and your loved ones. Picking one or two recipes will change your daily routine and make everyone more satisfied in the morning. 

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