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What Careers are Good for Someone Who Likes (or Loves) to Travel?

If you’re someone who likes (or loves) to travel, then finding a career that makes this possible is difficult. It’s really something you should give some proper thought because the typical type of corporate job isn’t necessarily going to be automatically compatible with this type of desire.

In this article, we look at what careers or jobs are suitable for people who enjoy savvy travel in between work assignments.

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse encompasses a few different possible roles.

For instance, a nurse might travel within a school district visiting different schools to see the students there. They might get called in to assist a particular child who’s requested a visit by the nurse, or they might even check for headlice in a classroom of school kids. A travel nurse might also be someone who lives in a portable home like an RV and works in different states throughout the year chasing 70-degrees to keep their home comfortable all year round.

To qualify as a nurse and have better job opportunities, it’s necessary to obtain either an associate degree or a bachelor’s in nursing. Many nurses start by qualifying with an associate degree and then pass the state exam to be a nurse. Once they’re licensed, they’re can go to work as an RN.

Once RN, it’s possible to move from an RN to BSN to have greater career options. More hospitals will be interested to offer short or long-term positions once a nurse has gone through the process from an RN to BSN in Kentucky by obtaining a more advanced degree.  


A photographer who takes portrait or landscape snaps can travel and take captivating pictures while on the move.

Money can be made by offering images through a paid royalty site or accepting commissions from companies to take certain photographs that they require for a media campaign. Some photographers specialize in product photos, which are more difficult than they look.

Other photographers bring in regular money by moonlighting as a wedding photographer and then pursue other projects for the rest of the time. They often plan their travel based on future bookings, so they know where they need to be on a certain date.


A videographer is in greater demand as the attraction and affordability of digital video has encouraged more companies to invest in video marketing.

Whether capturing B-roll for a media campaign or shooting a video for a low-budget production, a videographer has an increasingly marketable skillset. Many videographers learn to become excellent digital video editors through packages like Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Corel VideoStudio Ultimate too.

As an offshoot, some videographers now get their start through a YouTube channel. Using new video equipment which sees upgrades as their revenue grows, they learn to shoot and edit as they produce more video content for their channel. This can often lead to offers of freelance video production work based on their demonstrable skills in front or behind the camera along with their editing prowess.

Freelance Writer

The nature of freelance writing is that you can write from anywhere that’s got power and an internet connection. Oh… and some peace and quiet!

In fact, the requirements for equipment only stretch to an affordable Google Chromebook that isn’t much more than $200 by Acer or other brands, which skips most of the bells and whistles. The writer doesn’t need to travel with a MacBook Pro because Google Docs is sufficient for their writing needs as long as their internet connection is reasonably reliable.

The challenge with writing is mainly deadlines from clients. The more frequently one travels or the less reliable either the electricity supply or the internet is, the harder it is to provide reliable services as a writer.

Writers can progress from producing content for smaller websites to household names over time with the right connections. Alternatively, they can produce a blog that’s written well enough to get offered staff writing gigs by peers in the same blogging niche.

Management Consultant

A management consultant, aka a troubleshooter, is called into companies that are in trouble.

Sometimes the business strategy is wrong. Other times, the management is at war with the staff and nothing is being achieved because of the bad feeling within the business. It’s the consultant’s job to go into the business, figure out what’s wrong and make recommendations about how to fix the problems.

A consultant will frequently travel out of state and right across the country if necessary to meet with businesses in dire straits. Traveling internationally is less likely unless the consultant has built up a global reputation as a corporate problem-solver. In which case, the perks of foreign travel, paid for hotels, and the like are all quite possible too.

Graphics Designer

A graphics designer produces the corporate logos, posters, marketing materials and other imagery that sells products and services. This can be produced on a laptop from anywhere.

Working as a graphics designer, it’s important to be highly creative and able to produce multiple mockups quickly. For instance, a logo designer usually delivers several mock-ups and lets the client narrow that down to the design idea they prefer. The designer then finalizes the design to give it a final flourish.

Graphic design work has become more competitive over time with globalization. It’s therefore necessary to develop a private clientele of corporations that like their designer’s portfolio and prefers to continue to work with them over lower cost offshore graphics pros.

Blog Owner

A blog owner aims to publish interesting content that will attract visitors. While some blog owners outsource the writing to a freelance writer, most blog owners prefer to produce their own content at a pace that they’re comfortable with.

They might travel regularly and schedule the regular publication of new content in their absence. This is useful when they’re in a travel location with a sketchy internet connection.

Revenue is generated usually through some form of online advertising, either directly or through an ad network like Google AdSense or Media.Net. The referral of buyers to a third-party product can provide affiliate commissions for the blog to augment their advertising revenue.

There are many different jobs or careers that are possible when the desire for travel is overwhelming. It’s not necessary to stay in a 9-5 job or be stuck at the same desk every workday if preferring a different kind of life.

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