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Why Is Raw Food Good For Your Dogs?

Are you wondering whether or not your dog will benefit from having raw dog food in the UK? Well, here are some of the known benefits of raw food for your dog.

1. Cleaner Teeth

By the time dogs are 3 years old, they may suffer some type of dental disease. Depending on the age of your pet, brushing their teeth may be tricky. It may actually be very impossible to access some parts of their mouths. 

Well, if you are having a hard time brushing your dog’s teeth, you need to consider giving them raw food. Some researchers classify this food as having more hassle factors. As such, when your dog bites, chews and tears through raw meat and bones, it’s a good way to prevent dental disease. 

2. Healthier Skin And Shinier Coat 

Giving your pet a diet that consists of raw, fresh and natural foods will make sure that they have the essential fatty acids and amino acids they require to maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin. Your dog’s fur and skin are built from protein. At least 30% of the protein consumed in their diet is utilized by the body to maintain your dog’s coat and skin.

Therefore, if you give your dog digestible protein content from natural raw dog food you can transform their coat from a dull and lackluster look to a shiny, glossy and healthy coat. Your dog’s skin will always show a lot of improvements on raw diets, especially if you have a dog that suffers from different types of skin irritations. 

3. Relief From Food Allergies And Sensitivities 

Your dog may be allergic to wheat, corn and soy. Therefore, if you are constantly giving them a diet full of these allergens, your dog may experience a lot of health issues. Raw foods are free from grains and gluten. Choosing the right raw dog food will help maintain a healthy gut for your dog and create the best immune response. 

If there is any imbalance within the gut, it may be the root cause of most of your dog’s health issues. You need to make sure that your beloved pet is eating food that nourishes and removes any food that irritates them. It’s the best way to curb ear, eye, nose and digestive complaints as well as paw licking, itching and mobility issues for your dog. 

Some of these symptoms will clear up fast once you give your dog raw food. That’s because the processed, synthetic and refined ingredients have been removed. Of course, you need to remember that your beloved pet may suffer many more symptoms of food allergies or sensitivities that may not have been mentioned here. 

4. Improved Digestion

Digestion is part of the body system that ensures that nutrients are available for absorption in the intricate systems, organs and functions to operate effectively. Effective digestion is very crucial to overall well-being and proper health for your dog. Giving your dog a raw food diet complements its canine digestive system. 

The gut flora, PH levels and the short digestive tract are specifically designed to break down proteins and bones in the raw food diet. Note that, it was not designed to handle carbohydrates and the intensive refined ingredients always found in processed foods. Keep in mind that these ingredients often lead to fermentation in the gastro-intestines. Additionally, they put a strain on the vital organs of the body thereby causing inflammation. A raw dog food diet is the best way to ensure that your beloved pet has a clean, clear and properly functioning digestive system. 

5. Increased Vitality And Energy 

A natural food diet is the best way to improve your dog’s well-being. Your dog will not experience the sugar spikes or dips they may experience from kibble. Additionally, they will have a much more consistent and stable energy. With fewer spikes and dips, your dog’s cognitive function and focus will also improve accordingly. Proteins and fats are the best sources of energy for your dogs.

Natural raw foods are rich in the best macronutrients thereby resulting in consistent and stable energy levels. It makes a lot of sense that eating less junk allows your body to process food properly. It also reduces demand on the organs and their systems. As such, there will be more energy allowing physiological functions, focus and cognitive abilities. Dog foods that are rich in carbs such as kibble often result in energy fluctuations due to sugar dips and spikes just like humans. Actually, dogs may not need carbohydrates in their diet at all. 

6. Boosting Their Immune System 

When your dog is eating natural foods, their immune systems and internal organs will function more effectively. Raw dog food supports gut health since most of the immune system is located in the gut. Therefore, eating natural and fresh food will boost your dog’s immune function. Additionally, natural and fresh food contains vitamins and minerals that are important to your dog’s growth, repair and development. Note that, this depends on wholesome and natural ingredients found in natural food. These nutrients will be absorbed immediately from food thereby conditioning your dog from the inside going out. 

7. Manageable Weight 

Are you worried that your pet is getting too big? Well, a natural diet is the best way to help them manage their weight. Most of the ingredients found in processed foods are loaded with carbohydrate fillers. Also, they may be enhanced with additives to make your dog crave more processed food without nutritional value. These carbs often trigger the release of insulin in the body, resulting in the storage of fat and the reduced amounts of proteins often lead to low satiation levels. 

Your dog will be left hungry even after a short time of eating. It is a continuous and vicious cycle. Researchers have identified that meat has the lowest glycemic load for dogs. It doesn’t increase their sugar levels or trigger the release of insulin.  Raw dog food is the best way to manage your dog’s weight without any additional waste. Your dog will absorb all the nutrients from the raw dog food instead of passing it out in the stool. 

8. Smaller Stools 

Thanks to a raw food diet, there will be less waste in your dog’s stool. Your dog’s stool will also be firmer and raw food will naturally promote your dog’s anal gland function due to improved digestion and less flatulence too.

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