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Why does my cat climb me like a tree?

Your cat seems to be clingier lately and doesn’t seem to want to leave you alone. You have a lot of work to do, and your cat just won’t give you breathing space. You’re probably worried because you don’t know how to get your cat to leave you alone. It’s almost like your cat sees you like a tree or building. You can rest assured now; this article will be telling you what could cause this strange behavior in your cat. You can learn more at however, this article will also be telling you how you can keep your cat occupied so they won’t be climbing you again. If you need help writing you can buy dissertations as well.

Your cat needs more affection

Cats love affection and will often act out when they aren’t getting enough of it. A lot of cat owners tend to neglect their cats. When you neglect your cat, your cat will find ways to get your attention. The ways your cat will try to get your affection will be bizarre. If you know you don’t want your cat to disturb you when you’re busy, play with them more. Pet them and try and do things that will let them know you love them. When you show your cat you love them by being affectionate towards them; they will no longer climb you.

They need an actual cat tree

You’re already affectionate towards your cat, and they’re still climbing you like a tree. It’s possible that your cat just needs something to climb. Cats love being active and stimulated. If you want your cat to stop climbing you, you can just get them a cat tree. You can check many cat trees available on online stores or websites. Cat trees are tree-like furniture or structures that are built for cats to climb. Cat trees come in different forms and shapes so all you need is to get the one that your cat will like. You can even assemble cat trees so it can be at the level you want. Cat trees don’t take a lot of space, and this makes them your best bet.

They don’t exert enough energy

Cats are full of energy and often need outlets. Another reason why your cat climbs you could be because they don’t do anything all day. You should try and find things your cat can do. You can try taking your cats on regular walks. Walking with your cat is a way for you to spend time with your cat and a way for your cat to expend energy; a win-win. Take your cats out on walks with a harness, and they won’t have enough energy left to climb you. Try it out now.

Not every cat owner wants their cat to always climb them, and it’s understandable. Your cat climbing you can distract you from things you should be doing. Spending more or enough quality time with your cat should distract them from climbing you. Even something as simple as petting your cat will satisfy them. Get a cat tree for them and take them on walks, so they have a way to expend their excess energy. Try all these tips your cat will stop climbing you.