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Why Cabo San Lucas Is A Fantastic Option For Family Vacation

When searching for a cheerful getaway a great place, Cabos San Lucas is a fantastic option for family vacations. It is tropical, provides adventure, and is a great place to explore. Anything desired for a special vacation is found in Cabo San Lucas rentals.

Flying into Cabo San Lucas is easy with transportation easily obtainable once you complete getting past customs. It only takes about 30 minutes to reach most properties from the airport. Once the customs process is complete and luggage is checked your vacation begins. Hire a car, walk, rent scooters or bikes to get around the island. Choose a setting that suits your mood. Look at nothing but beach and surf or add a cliff mood to your choice of living arrangements. The choices are many on this beautiful island getaway.


Leave the cares of work, and stifling traffic behind for the relaxing beaches of a Cabo San Lucas vacation. Sit a let the water lap at your feet while you stay at the Cab San Lucas Villa Rentals. Spend time in the sun on one of Cabo San Lucas’s many beaches. A few favorite sandy playgrounds are listed below:

Playa Medano

Playa del Amor- Swim and Splash at Playa del Amor or lovingly known as “Lovers Beach”. This span of beach sprawls along the Bay of Cabo San Lucas at Land’s End. Although, on a moonlit night this beach can be quite romantic. These waters are warm and make a great place to snorkel and swim.

While on a visit on the island take a tour on a glass-bottom boat. While staying at the Cab San Lucas Villa, visitors might also take long drives in ATVs or four-wheel drive vehicles, enjoying a road tour of the area.

Playa del Divorcio

There are so many reasons to live at Cabo San Lucas Villa Rentals while staying in San Lucas, and food ranks high on the list. There are many restaurants that help visitors enjoy the true flavors of Cabo San Lucas. If you do not want to sit in one place, take a “Taste and Walking Tour ” of the island. Whether it is a tropical drink or a special dinner treat; try one of the restaurants mentioned below.


Try Nuck-San, this restaurant has delectable food with a pleasing atmosphere , or you might prefer Cabo Wabo, or Edith’s. These are wonderful dining place in Cabo San Lucas. No vacation is complete without testing the cuisine of the region. Therefore, if you are so inclined, you might want to indulge in a cooking class especially designed with recipes particular to the island.

Night Spots:

Night life is a big thing in Cabo, and it does not lack attention, try the La Biblioteca deTequila,Tattinger Terrace at Sunset Da mona Lisa or the Slim Elbow for fun entertainment. Big cities do not have all the fun when it comes to night club entertainment. The island flavor and the ocean view sets Cabo apart and makes it special. The color and flare of the location is like no other; move to a beat naturally found in Cabo.

Outdoor Activities:

Horseback riding-Take a try at horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas along the beach or through the desert; this is quite an adventure. Splashing through the ocean water changes your perspective on horseback riding.

Bird Watching/Picnic Lunches:

Sit on the beach, on your villa patio, or take a tour of the island with a picnic lunch. This community welcomes families and has museums, pizza, and sports activities that young people love. Since zip lining is mentioned, hang-gliding and parasailing will add to the list of fun outdoor things to do.

For the bird watching community, Cabo gets interesting. Take your binoculars and search out the Brown pelican, Ash-throat flycatcher, Hooded oriole, or Ladder-back woodpecker. However a few species are endemic to Cabo San Lucas; Belding’s Yellowthroat, Xantus’s Hummingbird, the Cape Pygmy-Owl, and the Gray Thrasher. More and bird watchers love the search.


Include a sailing trip with snorkeling and swimming on your trip. Get out into the water and see marine life not visible close to the shore. These outings give patrons a chance to enjoy the sun while eating a nicely planned lunch. Take a yacht charter in Cancun with plenty of seating and inside cabin comfort or choose a vessel more open to the elements. Your choice of snorkeling or diving depends on your style and level of experience. No matter, San Cabos has experts to guide you on a safe outing.

Whale Watching:

Take a whale watching tour with a qualified biologist to help you understand the Eco-system around Cabos. Experienced boatmen cruise through the waters of Cabo allowing patrons to see an abundance of marine life. Tours generally last around two hours. Most tours have no more than eight people. However, private tours can be planned if you prefer friends and family.


Cabo has a long list of golf clubs. If you are an avid golfer you will love to add this, “Tee off” to the places you have golfed in the world. Golfing in Cabo is as exciting as any course in the world with its interesting terrain.

So, you are on the island but you want to see it from a ship. Well, there are plenty of opportunities in Cabo San Lucas to do just that. The Pirate ships are favorites, hoisting sails in the Sea of Cortez. If that is not to your liking take a few friends and do a sunset cruise while enjoying the island, making an evening of sunset watching a cap for your trip.

After all the activity it is nice to have a relaxing, comfortable place to rest and relax. This is what a Cabo San Lucas villa rentals can offer.  Staying in a villa can allow visitors a chance to see what it is like to live there and to spend time with residents. This is more than a vacation, it is a real living experience. Visitors have the chance to learn about the lives and history of Cabo when they take up residence in a villa.


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