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Why bathroom hygiene is such a big deal

Having a bathroom is in no way an option but rather a necessity. If the bathroom could speak for itself, the activities that happen there make it one of the most traumatized and overused parts of the restaurant. Think about it this way, money from anywhere ends up in the cashier area, raw foods and germs are in the kitchen, and cooked food ends up on the customer’s table. But the it comes to the bathroom, dirt from anywhere and everywhere ends up there. Today, this singular room serves a cinema, call center, and even a game house for at least 230 million Americans due to technology. This is why ensuring it is clean at all times is crucial for the health and wellness of everyone that uses it. 

Not everyone cares about it as much as they should, and those who actually clean it don’t do so as often as they should.

Why Your Bathroom Needs All of The Attention

The bathroom is a big deal particularly if you operate a very busy fast food that gets up to 50 or even 100 customers on a daily basis.  Here is why:

There is no idle day for it: talk of the cinema, beach, or malls, see how busy and crowded they get? It is very possible that 10-25% of those people will definitely use the bathroom before leaving. No bring it down to your restaurant. 25% of those who come there to eat will have one or more reasons to visit the bathroom, it could be for activities as simple as a lady retouching her makeup. Your bathroom is definitely going to be a very busy place except all your customers have constipation – which is impossible. At this point, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the bathroom needs to be consistently clean to avoid toilet infections or spreading of any bacteria among customers. 

People reinvent themselves there: why would anyone want to meditate or evaluate their plans in the bathroom right? There are people who come up with great plans in the bathroom. There are people who also handle their breakups and emotional trauma in the bathroom. There are people who come to restaurants to propose and there are those who come there for breakups. Also, the bathroom is more or less a boardroom where matters are discussed and judgements made. People come to restaurants, get surprised, rush to the bathroom to make one or two calls, comfort themselves, then come back to their surprises. The bathroom has already become a therapy room for both mental and physical clean up. Hence, it is important to keep it hygienic and give it all the necessary attention to ensure you easily clear your mind.

It is Such a Small Area: Since public bathrooms are partitioned into small sizes. It becomes very easy to clean. The fact that it is usually a few inches by length and width compared to the other parts of the restaurant makes it easy to take care of. The smaller the size, the easier and faster it is to get clean. 

It is A Private Area Yet Very Public: try to take a trip to the bathroom when you see two or three girls entering there at once. It quickly goes from private to public. It becomes a hub for meetings, gossip and of course, boy-strategy sessions. So much from what is happening in the outside world is evaluated down there. So keeping it clean is a compensation for all it hears and keeps as secrets.

Nasty or pleasant smell: This is inevitable. You can have just one. If you regularly clean your bathroom, then you get the latter, but if you seldom clean it, you get the former. If you want to avoid embarrassment from your customers and guests, then you should clean your bathroom regularly.

It Would Help You Notice Needed Repairs: Just like you could never tell what’s under a table without looking down, You may never be able to identify leakages and needed fixes in your bathroom if you do not clean up regularly. 

How to Bump Your Bathroom Up To Perfection

Why do you think many people prefer to empty their bowels in the restaurant instead of using the bathroom at home? It’s because the restaurant bathroom has a different feel and it is of course, always very clean, well partitioned and public but private. Here is how you can achieve the same thing for your own restaurant too:

1)Clean Everyday: Of course you don’t have to scrub the walls and the floor everyday if your restaurant is not always busy. But the toilet seat should get attention as a daily routine if you have a customer base of more than 50 – It is hard but it’s the best. When you clean the bathroom every day, you take care of everyday germs and frustrate their abilities to thrive. Secondly, washing every day guarantees that sinks, tiles, tubs, and walls don’t get permanent water-based stains.

2)Organization: An organized bathroom is easy to navigate and, therefore, easy to clean. During design or remodeling, you must ensure that every single item you would have in your bathroom is considered. To give a bathroom a different feel, you could consider a touchscreen tap, a self tidying toilet seat and a built-in hand drying faucets 

3)Prompt Attention to all Fixes: Make the repairs the moment you notice them. Leaving them long before fixing will cause further degeneration, and it would become more expensive to fix. . 

4)Remodeling: Out with the old and in with the new at given yearly intervals is never a bad idea for a bathroom. Also try to include bathroom remodeling in your yearly budget.

If not everyday, frequent cleaning of the bathroom is not out of order. This way, your walls, and floor tiles get to serve you for a very long time. To get the best partitions for your bathroom, ensure you visit One Point Partitions, they offer high quality, made in America bathroom partitions. They also offer free samples and free quotes to ensure you get a taste of the best before making any commitment. 

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