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How to squeeze the cost of a short-haul weekend escape

Over the last few years there has been a real shift in travel trends and the days of automatically jetting off to a beach break aren’t quite as common.

Instead, a different type of break has come into the equation, and it comes in the form of a shorter quieter trip. Weekend getaways are well and truly on top of the trend charts, and the reasons are unsurprising. With an abundance of low-cost airlines, more hotels across smaller, non-touristy locations and tourists only having to use a day or so of annual leave, the rise in weekend escapes really shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

At the same time, the supply and demand philosophy is starting to kick in. There’s certainly more of the latter and this can mean that some of these breaks aren’t quite as cost-efficient as they once were.

This is what we are going to tackle through today’s post, as we look at some hard and fast ways to squeeze the cost of your weekend break.

Be shrewd with your packing approach 

Several years ago, this would not have been a concern.

Now, things are turning on their head. While airfares have typically dropped to ridiculously low levels, at the same time baggage fees have gone the other way. Gone are the days where you would get two pieces of luggage checked in for no extra cost with every flight. Instead, you almost have to pay for every little item – and this will push up your costs considerably.

It means that you need to pack as strategically as ever. Try and wear your bulky items, whilst only taking those items that you know you will definitely need. 

Take advantage of the freebies 

Fortunately, we’re now in an era where not every attraction in your city of choice is going to cost the earth.

For example, let’s look at the UK. It’s in this country where the majority of museums are free, and this means that you can save considerable sums during the day.

It’s not only museums though, and if you look hard enough there are also free walking tours. This means that you don’t have to pay a fortune for a guide; you can find out everything you need about a city without spending a penny.

Avoid Trip Advisor restaurant suggestions

Trip Advisor has its advantages and few people are going to disagree with this. It almost provides a safety net for attractions and hotels you should and shouldn’t visit.

In the interests of keeping costs down, try and find restaurants that are off the beaten track though. Typically, as soon as an establishment is featured on Trip Advisor, its prices increase to cope with the new demand.

Instead, eat like a local, and find smaller restaurants that aren’t trying to profit from tourists who have found them via the internet. Sure, you have to have a degree of trust for this, but you’ll be amazed by some of the gems that you find!

UK Staycations

If you wish to visit the UK or enjoy a staycation in the UK this summer, there are lots of relatively affordable and great places to visit. If the British summer this year is warm, why not head to one the many great beachside resorts like Bournemouth or St Ives. Alternatively visit the smaller but interesting British towns in and around London such as Cambridge or Basingstoke which have lots of things to do. Just remember that they are always great alternatives if your options for holidays abroad are limited. Shop around and see if you can find something which works best for you and your family.

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